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Candle (experiments with II)

Since my experiments with a candle began, experiments where I stare into a candle for one hour and a mirror lighted by a candle for 40 minutes, I have seen the red “electricity” in my eyes, first noticed after my initial visit to Hartsfell, increase. The astral light strengthens.

Indeed, when I go to sleep a red dot forms when I close my eyes—and if I open them the dot remains there and roves about the room above me; it has the same electric consistency as the stars that fell to earth at Hartsfell. Clearly, I must have “stars in my eyes”.

Perhaps the candle is the aniconic symbol of the divine, so admired by the Zoroastrians—I often see the candle in my mind now. I suppose it purifies me.

I also had a vivid dream: I was in a room swathed in green material, as with surgical gowns; spread out before me were the bodies of babies, chopped up in various ways and covered in blood. The central one was decapitated and his body spread out in the form of the “Tau” cross (the “headless cross”).

The Tau means “life”—it was “the mark”, so mentioned in the Bible, given to the purified (but later removed—for “reasons”). It was the sign painted on the forehead of legions returned from battle (or a man who was acquitted in court)—it was a sign of victory. Hence it was used to anoint men initiated into the cult of Mithras.

It also stood for Tammuz (as a schizophrenic once called me)—the god of death and rebirth (and it also stood for the ankh, symbol of life and death); and the Tau was commonly arranged into the “triple tau”, so depicted above, by which means it becomes “TH”. It is said to mean “Templum Hierosolyma”—the Temple of Jerusalem. It is also said to mean “Clavis ad Thesaurum—a key to the treasure” and “Theca ubi res pretiosa—a place where the precious thing is concealed”; and, in this configuration, it is the “key to the Seal of Solomon”.

It contains the Platonic solids—for, if you multiply the right angles in “TH”, the number comes to “720”, the number of fire (the most important element, represented by the tetrahedron)—and hence we return to the candle.


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