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A small boy called Émile Soleil has gone missing from a village in the Alps—the police have given up the search.

There is more to this than meets the eye. The boy is the son of an ultra-Catholic family, his father was associated with a radical right group (Bastion Social Marseille) and stood on Zemmour’s list at the last election.

The boy’s name is “Émile Sun” (full translation “he who aspires to equal the sun”)—his picture shows him with a marigold behind his ear, the marigold is a symbol of the sun. His father is “Columban”—who was a Celtic saint who revived the Church, so the family may represent the other Celtic, esoteric, and solar Christianity that is repressed in our time.

He has been kidnapped for political reasons—possibly subjected to some ritual murder. You can tell because the police have refused to activate the AMBER alert system for a kidnap—and Ségolène Royal, former social-democratic family minister associated with the ruling Judeo-Masonic clique, has taunted the family about this on Twitter “why haven’t they activated the alert?”; she also referred to the father as having a “very suspicious profile”.

You can tell this is so because the Satanists at Charlie Hebdo went out of their way to mock Émile and call him “a Nazi” and compared him to a “donkey” in a vicious caricature of the child—pretty mean, huh?

Of course, I wouldn’t say Charlie Hebdo has no standards at all—after all, they did fire a writer in 2020…for anti-semitism 🤣.

So it’s an attack on what remains of traditional Catholic France—solar, Aryan. They have sacrificed the sun (son) so that the moon may rule (feminine, Judaic). The police are complicit, naturellement.

There’s another element—Émile disappeared from a village called Le Vernet, and there’s another “Le Vernet” in southern France that was a Vichy detention camp for prisoners from Republican Spain. This is revenge for “the other Vernet”—it’s also an esoteric ceremony with name reversal, a ceremony that uses the blood of a child (as usual); as it happens, Émile is one of nine children—a strong operative number for magic.

The marigold can also symbolise death, particularly in Mexico, and “Sagittarius”—so there’s an intimation in the released photo as to death; and, further, Sagittarius is “the wanderer”—a Sagittarius likes to wander about, so it’s likely Émile wandered off and liked to explore and that’s how they got him.


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