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Britain and Islam

When I survey the British right, the British radical right, I see many complaints about Islam—many, many complaints about Islam. And I see complaints about black Africans—about the boats and the migrants.

What I don’t see is any attempt to address the real issue.

The real issue: Freemasonry and Jewry—and the fact that the country is under the power of Satan.

It is under the control of the AntiChrist because it serves these two masters.

The other issues are secondary, downstream from that issue, and, in a sense, Muslims, blacks, and Europeans are being set to throat-to-throat combat by these Satanic forces amongst us.

To me, the power of Satan is very obvious—the image above, in a city near me, is meant to be in some way light-hearted and ironic, but really just constitutes an actual demonic bull, some golden calf to Moloch, to money and greed and the world.

The fact that it is presented as a joke conceals the reality that it is not funny.

And, further, the whole transgender movement is a conscious inversion of the sacred hermaphrodite—the esoteric operation that grants union with the Godhead.

I don’t think that Muslims, blacks, and Europeans would otherwise all get on in some paradise absent the influence of the Freemasons and the Jews—but the level of conflict and strife would not be as pronounced, nor would the two other groups be in the country as a geographic fact.

Even the most “extreme” formations on the British right are, in fact, in thrall to this dynamic—because they spend most of their time in the demonisation of Muslims and blacks, and so serve to encourage strife and bloodshed.

This is because it is easier to do that than to tell the truth.

The struggle is against the AntiChrist—unless a Jew accepts Jesus he serves the AntiChrist.

The only decent Jews are the totally religious Jews, the Orthodox, in the broadest sense of that word, who devote themselves purely to religious study—because they seek the Messiah (the vision I had that justifies that view has been repeated on this site numerous times—specifically, under the post “Hartsfell”).

I say accept Jesus, not become Christian—because I think Christianity is corrupt, always has been. Jesus came for the Jews alone—they must accept him and find their own way to do that, but Europeans need to return to the old ways.

Jews who are worldly, even if they wear a kippah when they run their media broadcast, serve Satan.

The actual struggle is against the AntiChrist—the Moloch that feeds on selfishness, hatred, and bloodshed. That is the true enemy.

The two groups that serve the interests of the forces of inversion in Britain are the Freemasons and the worldly Jews in particular—and millions are hypnotised into this AntiChrist system through the mass media.

Hence a genuine right worthy of the name would have as its primary goal the removal of Masons and Jews from influence in Britain—all other problems would be trivial if this issue were to be resolved.

This is the struggle, the path, and the light.



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