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Britain and black blood

It is said Britain’s wealth is built on slavery—America’s too. I can’t say this is untrue, really. Yet it is not the complete truth, not as the left has it—after all, they want a pretext to undertake “reparations” and these will benefit state functionaries, not the descendants from slaves.

Without capital from the slave trade, there would have been no Industrial Revolution; we needed the capital to reach take-off point. So the slave trade was integral to our current wealth, exponential increase from industrial manufacture needed to be primed with human blood. Yet there would have been no Industrial Revolution without individual inventors and entrepreneurs—without Watt, Stevenson, and, at the abstract level, Newton to provide calculus. No individual great white men, no Industrial Revolution—no matter how much capital was accumulated from the slave trade.

Right-wing people will tell you that only the individual inventors and entrepreneurs matter, left-wing people will tell you only the capital wrung from the slaves matters. The actuality is that the two are interdependent and interpenetrate. Right-wing people deny that the slave trade was necessary to create our wealth, left-wing people deny that individual great white male geniuses were necessary to create our wealth.

The Industrial Revolution was itself a regression—it made possible precisely the modern world where you have divided mass parties in Parliament and idiot talking heads who argue for and against reparations, act in an unintegrated way; and that is because industrialism is disintegrationalism. Yet, since we have it, the only position with integrity is to admit our wealth was built on the blood of black slaves and the individual genius of great white men.


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