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About ten years ago I lived in Brentford—southwest London.

The video above is from the Brentford group 5ociety—they have a great documentary about Jimmy Savile the wizard too.

“5” is the ancient number of the Druids—4 elements release the 5th (hence 4chan is Druidic—4 become 1 to release the 5th, the site’s logo is a four-leaf clover. I once knew a guy who worked for the NRO and he was terrified of 4Chan, wouldn’t go near it—because he worked for the security state).

The video above is a “sky serpent” captured by 5ociety over Brentford—I used to cycle down this bit of road to work every day, about 15 miles into central London.

5ociety also have a video of a “sea serpent” in the River Thames in Brentford, near Kew Bridge.

The area is interstitial, it’s neither one thing or another—a bit of a waste zone, not posh like Richmond or a slum like Hounslow (both effectively “either side” of Brentford).

It’s where the Romans crossed the Thames when they invaded Britain—during Caesar’s second invasion of Britain.

There’s a famous series of popular novels by Robert Rankin set in Brentford—a nominal “trilogy” with 20-odd books.

The heroes are two tramps called John Omally and Jim Pooley.

In the first book, they frustrate the AntiChrist—who has arrived in Brentford.

In the second, The Brentford Triangle (1982), they have to stop creatures from “the 5th planet”, Ceres, from taking over the earth.

In the seventh book in the trilogy, developers want to dig up the serpent that tempted Eve—which is buried under Brentford football stadium (the sky serpent, right?).

The football team, which was not successful when I lived there but is now, is called “the Brentford Bees”—the bees, in esoteric thought, are the wise men who gather the honey of wisdom.

And in East of Ealing (1984), there’s an attempt by Satan to take over the earth by barcoding the population (seems to have worked).

I lived in Brentford Dock with a lesbian computer programmer—I mean, we had sex, but she was definitely a lesbian (I could tell because her clit was so large, almost a penis; and she used to have her girlfriends over and send me pictures with their bras off—which was some tease, but I didn’t get it at the time).

Anyway, I lived in Otho Court—because all the blocks of flats on the dock are named after emperors. Otho wasn’t a great emperor, not a big success—but he was okay (short regin, killed himself when it all went wrong).

The Dock complex is next to Syon House—and Syon Park.

This is a stately home rebuilt in the 18th century—before, Henry VIII used to stuff his wives there (and it was a nunnery before that).

There used to be a Roman village there, and the archaeologists found men buried on their sides (a non-Roman custom—so there was an even older burial site there, prehistoric).

We had a key to get into Syon Park.

So we had the key to Zion (Syon).

And that links us to the Priory of Zion and Nostradamus.

Rankin had another Brentford-set book (not in the trilogy) called Nostradamus Ate My Hamster (2002) in which the Omally and Pooley have to stop the return of Adolf Hitler.

Omally and Pooley are headquartered in the pub The Flying Swan—and in The Antipope the Antipope who arrives in Brentford uses the bull as his logo.

As noted a few posts back, the golden calf is the cosmic bull—you have to sacrifice the cosmic bull, like Mithras, otherwise you’ll be dominated by material things.

In Nordic initiation, the swan is the highest stage of awakening—it’s rubedo, shahasrara.

So Omally and Pooley are headquartered in “the swan” and they fight against Satan, whose sign is “the bull”.

So you see the alchemical significance in the novels.

The sky serpent above is similar to an earlier post I did about the Grail and mazes—a similar entity appeared in those videos too, summoned by a maze.


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