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People are not honest and not sincere. That is why they do not see. Once you become honest and sincere, you will see how false and deceitful our world is. Groucho Marx said, “All you need in life is sincerity, if you can fake that you’ve got it made.” This sums up the whole problem—from a Jewish entertainer in Hollywood, i.e. from the Devil.

You are taught to sign a letter “Yours sincerely” and your bank sends you letters that are “Sincerely” or “With kind regards”—but they are neither sincere nor kind, they do not treat me like kin (they do not extend me money without question).

All these words around me that tell me that companies love me, that the government cares about me, all these empty words that are “the right thing to say”—from relatives, from friends, or from the girl who serves me coffee.

All are false: all journalists, all politicians, all actors.

All are false—yet all rule.

I see teenagers as they push each other on the train and cause a commotion—they push because they are lost in their image, in the way they tease each other and provoke each other. Now they are a disturbance, because they think their image is so important—not one word is sincere.

But earlier I am served coffee and the girl is polite, she does not make a disturbance—but she is not sincere either. She does not make a commotion, so she is good whereas the boys are bad, but she is not sincere. She repeats the script…there is no life here either.

Just because you make a big noise doesn’t mean you are alive, just because you serve quietly doesn’t mean you know God—only what is sincere has life, but for most it is too painful to hold; it is the painful beauty—so they extinguish it with lies. And yet, in its quiet way, it grows.


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