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Black women (attractive?)

The answer is the same as the divide between the left and right, between science and art.

The scientific mind sees the general trend: so it says that, in general, compared to other races, black women are not attractive.

The artistic mind sees the particular, the individual: so it says that some black women are attractive.

So both statements are true—if you read academic textbooks the left only looks at the individual, so that it never generalises about, say, Islam.

It always says that there are peaceful Muslims or Muslims who don’t advocate violence; and that’s true—but it’s also true that the prophet Muhammad was a prophet of war.

It depends whether you think in an artistic or a scientific way.

If you think in a scientific way, you will generalise—you will say “they’re all like that”.

If you think in an artistic way, you will particularise—you will only see the individual.

Because I am darkness and light I see both sides to the question—I am not one-sided in my thought.

Both sides depend on each other, but one side is superior—the artistic side, because that is the quality side.

Crude men generalise—and we live in a crude scientific society.

Hence there are people who are ugly overall but have a small spot of beauty in them.

People who generalise never see the beauty—which is everywhere.

And I will always see the particular in the general and the general in the particular.

Not generally beautiful, not generally ugly—but as it is.


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