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Black Sun (Lilith before Eve)

From Franz Cumont, via Modern Hermeticist: "To Babylonian astrologers Saturn is the ‘planet of the Sun,’ he is the ‘Sun of the night,’ that is to say, according to a system of substitutions...Saturn could take in astrological combinations the place of the star of the day when the latter had disappeared."

"Diodorus was well aware of this fact. When explaining that the Chaldeans designate the planets as ’the Interpreters’ (ἑρμηνεῖς), because by their course they reveal to men the will of the gods, he adds...The star which the Greeks name Kronos they call the 'star of the Sun,' because it is the most prominent, and gives the most numerous and most important predictions."

Lilith comes before Eve in the Hebrew tradition—she is the ultra-disobedient first wife, so associated with owls and enchantment (she straddles Adam, dominates him—and is then totally discarded). Lilith is, in fact, Athena—associated with owls, magic, and wisdom in the European tradition.

This is because Europeans are the people of the Golden Age, the Saturnian Age—the age of the Black Sun, the true Sun; the star that remains even if our Sun disappears—the Sun of the Green Ray. The Saturnian Age is the Age of Kronos—it is the age of the eternal mystery.

Europeans come before the other races—before the Jews and their Eve, before the blacks (to whom we have no relation, except on the animal level), before the Chinese. It’s why figures like Margaret Thatcher and Marjorie Cameron were witches—the names are significant, common names in the European witch trials (though Saxon names never appear in the records…). These are our “Liliths”, our Athenas—our connection to divine knowledge, to Sophia.

This has been concealed from Europeans through various tricks, made possible in an age in profound decline.

This age is null—it is the age of the debased Eve—and soon it will end. The comet is already on its way, just as Atlantis once fell to cataclysm.


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