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Biden at the back

At Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, Biden decided to sit at the back. Trump jumped up and complained that Biden missed out on “prime real estate”—location, location, location, baby—and did America’s interests down. Of course, that was not the point. Biden is not really American: he considers himself to be Irish—he is aware that “American” really means “dissident Englishman”, so that he does not consider himself fully American. Hence he nurses an ethnic grudge with Britain—and, being a narcissist, this is much more important than the fact he represents the American people as a whole. Hence he had to use the Queen’s funeral as an attempt to make a petty, spiteful point that he does not respect the English monarchy.

You may have heard this expression from the military, “You salute the uniform, not the man,” and that means, basically, even if you personally think an officer is a nincompoop you salute his uniform (and, by the by, when you’re an officer and other people think you’re a nincompoop for “excellent reasons” you receive the same courtesy). Well, that depends on not being a feminised narcissist whose delicate pseudo-Irish identity is injured by going to a funeral in Westminster Abbey—because, believe it or not, you’re meant to represent the American people and the office; and most Americans aren’t Irish—and even if they were, this isn’t personal (otherwise the world would be an endless tribal bun fight).

Of course, Biden is a hypocrite because if he were really Irish he should have quit his American citizenship and moved home and stood to be Taoiseach—or joined the IRA. However, he did neither; he likes the sweet life in America, he likes the craic (his son definitely likes the craic). So he takes all the benefits from being an American, up to and including being President, and yet nurses all these Irish sentimental grudges—well, what are you, Biden? You going to die for Ireland, Biden? Will your son die for Ireland? Of course not; he’s a plastic paddy—he’s in it for the sentimentality and the way he can play victim, being a minority, in America; and yet he is happy enough to use American hyperpower when he has it…

Biden couldn’t actually refuse to attend the funeral, so he did the next best thing—refused to sit at the front, as he was invited to do; and he turned up in his own car—the American President’s limousine is called “the Beast”, revealingly—so as not to ride with everyone else so as to impress his autonomy from the British system in Britain. You don’t own me—as some feminist might squeal, foolishly insisting on autonomy that will probably harm her. For most people, the semiotic significance was lost on them—so Biden was not only petty but most people had no idea, perhaps pretended they had no idea, why he did it. To be petty in this way actually suggests weakness—only weak people are bitchy like that. And, really, Biden is weak; he only nominally runs the hyperpower, someone else pulls the strings, and he half hates the America he serves.

Obama is the same way—although he is a more unfortunate man, being mixed race and dragged by his narcissistic selfish mother from global pillar to global post. Hence Obama, unlike Guinness-slurping oirish eyes a’ gleamn’ (sure and begorrah, Mrs. O’Malley) Biden, belongs nowhere: he isn’t from “da hood”, he isn’t from Harvard, he isn’t from the Jewish ghetto—he’s a posh guy who is mixed race and half brought up in quasi-Asian liberal Hawaii and half brought up in Muslim Indonesia and half brought up in Chicago (maths was never my strong point, but Obama is one and half men—at least). He isn’t even half black American, his father being an elite Kenyanthere has never been a black American President, apart from Bill Clinton; never been a slave-descended President (I doubt there ever will be, although Samuel L. Jackson would be a sound choice). So Obama really is the man from nowhere, just pure ideology and narcissism, because he is this Pygmalion project by progressive liberal intellectuals who catered to his every whim, hence his insufferable narcissistic smile.

This is why, during Brexit, Obama decided to make an “intervention” to lecture to the British people about which way they should vote. You see, in his mind this was “colonial revenge” because the British colonised Kenya and now he got to lecture “the masters” about what they should do—and make them understand he is “the master” now. The problem is that it was not real because if Obama wanted to be Kenyan, well, you know, same deal as Biden—get you a one-way ticket to Nairobi, boy. Let’s see how you make out, if you’re so proud…Of course, he’s a hypocrite—he would never do that, no one would groom him and preen him as a multicultural multiracial poster child in Kenya; they would be suspicious because he is a half-caste.

Only in America, in Judeo-Anglo America, can a half-caste child be seen as a saviour (neoconservative Irving Kristol once lashed the blacks in a column, then suggested America’s racial problems could only be solved by miscegenation—actually, to increase miscegenation would intensify, per Obama’s presidency, racial strife; but the answer revealed much about what is in store for Amerika). No, Obama could only thrive in America: he is the progressive liberal “eugenic ideal”—he is what all people should be, a resentful narcissist who belongs nowhere and has no idea who he is.

To return to Biden, he is a rancid man. Recently, he gave a speech where he mentioned a Congresswoman, Jackie Walorski—she died in a car crash in the summer. Biden called out her name, then said words to the effect that he was sure “she’d be along later”. People mauled him for his dementia; yet it was not that he forgot her name—rather, his mental degradation has caused his social censor to fail. Biden was actually making a joke about the fact Walorski was dead—a joke he would usually tell in private, to have a little surreptitious titter over an opponent’s death (Walorski criticised his 2020 victory). You can tell by the line “she’ll be along later”—ha, ha, ha (I know she won’t be).

This is not dementia in the sense that “grandpaw is forgetful these days”, this is more dementia in the sense “grandpaw walked out with his trousers unzipped and his dick hanging out—then he tried to hump the lady at the supermarket”—in other words, we saw directly into the foulness that is Biden’s mind. What you saw in that display was the festering pestilential dung in the Biden noggin. If you scalped him, opened the skull, you would find the Biden cranium to be filled with the dankest night soil imaginable, complete with little worms that wriggle about in the brown soup—soon engulfed in black flys. As with everything in America, the foulness is covered over with cinnamon chapstick—that is why America always smells so sweet, right off the plane all you can smell is cinnamon sweetness; they do it to cover the stench of decay and corruption—yet this country isn’t a sweet shop, it’s an abattoir (careful you don’t skid in the blood slick).

If you want to know what Biden is, just look at his wastrel son—a man who never did a day’s good for anyone in his life, except enact misery and selfishness on everyone around him. It’s all in the blood—Biden is just the same, except he “leads” the world’s hyperpower (the Irish capo, the green gangster); except, being weak-willed and selfish, just like his son, Biden is really just a stooge for the system—a fall-guy for the real capos. Still, will no one have the decency to remove this walking abortion, this ambulatory turd, from the White House?


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