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Beyond reproach

Imagine we want to criticise transgenderism, since that is a current political concern. “You can’t criticise transgender people, it leads to violence—hundreds of trans people are victimised every year; and it happens because people like you engage in hate speech.” “It’s not hate speech, I don’t hate them—I just disagree that a man can become a woman.” “It’s precisely that attitude that has created an unsafe atmosphere in which physical attacks on the trans take place…additionally, you spread a myth that trans people rape children more often than other groups—simple nonsense, and precisely the view that makes life unsafe for the trans.”

So, you shouldn’t criticise trans people at all—you shouldn’t provide even neutral facts about them because that “leads to a climate of hate, even if it’s not a call to violence; and then they will be hurt—possibly murdered.” At the moment, many conservatives claim not to accept this logic. Yet everything here, logic-wise, applies to how conservatives speak about the Jews. “But if you criticise them, even in a neutral way, that may lead to another holocaust.” So I can’t critique them at all? “No—it’s too dangerous for their safety.”

Look, I don’t dispute that to publish information that the trans are statistically more involved in sex crimes might make them more at risk from violence, and I don’t dispute that to criticise the Jews may lead to another holocaust—it’s just if you can’t handle your anxiety that “something bad will happen” then what you have done is to make these groups sacred and beyond criticism; and I don’t believe these groups are actual saints—hence if they are not criticised, they will foster malignant behaviour; as would happen to anyone who is placed beyond criticism.

Eventually, there will be a reckoning for the lies because the failure to critique these groups will lead to a great build up of pressure that will explode, of unaccounted wrong-doing—then you will genuinely have an event like the holocaust.

This situation is also hypocrisy—at the moment, conservatives unleash unlimited criticism on the trans; and yet they would clam up if the same, really legitimate, criticisms were made as regards women or Jews or blacks—and in a generation the trans will be sacred too, and the conservatives will be engaged in a conflict with people who want to legalise sex with children; something that “decent trans people” will be appalled by and have no truck with. It is the same logic: it is connected to anxiety and the idea the worst thing that can happen is death—in other words, with an atheistic and materialist worldview.


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