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Barbecue and Prince Harry

The man above has just taken over Haiti—he’s called “Barbecue”, just like Long John Silver, another denizen of a Caribbean island.

“Barbecue! Barbecue forever!” cry the pirates, whose leader, just like his Haitian namesake, launched a mutiny to take over the ship.

He says he’s called “Barbecue” because his mother was a street vendor of delicious smoky chicken—his detractors say it’s because he likes to burn his enemies to death.

He wears the sign of the Freemasons around his neck.

He also throws that sign known “the horns” or “la corna”.

Now, there are many misconceptions about this sign—because people see horns and think “devil”.

We’ve forgotten how magic works, even though, only three generations ago, people lived close enough to old washerwomen and fishermen to know that you protected yourself from evil with “the evil eye”.

This is because in magical thought “like protects against like”—so to protect yourself from the devil, you make the sign of the devil.

It’s why I had a little glass eye since I was a child in Greece—it was “the evil eye” to protect from evil, and it’s common in the Mediterranean (just like la corna in Italy).

It split in two and I glued it back together—I left it in a plastic box I found under a rock last time at Hartsfell, it was for a geocaching game (I’ll see if it’s still there next time, the box worked on a “take something, leave something” principle).

So when you see someone make a devil sign it doesn’t mean they’re the devil as such—indeed, it used to be, a long time ago, that people would make sacrifices and offerings to the evil god and not the good god.

The idea was that the good god would never hurt you, but the evil god would—so best to give him offerings to ward him off.

In a religious revolution, people stopped making offerings to propitiate the evil god and started to make offerings of thanks to the good god for protection instead.

But the idea “to sacrifice to the evil god might have a good purpose” now seems alien to us.

The hand sign also refers to the apana mudra in Hinduism—as noted in my post on Prince Louis and his mudra, the mudra is a means to invoke the magical elements (earth, fire, air, water) with the fingers.

The apana mudra is “the psychic gesture of the life force”—again, the symbol wards off evil.

The situation is similar to the all-seeing eye of Masonry—I sometimes call it “the evil eye” but it is not evil as such, it goes back to Ancient Egypt and features in religions like Catholicism.

The horns mudra, as made here by Harry as he meets Melania, isn’t evil as such either.

It’s more like religion as technique, just as you can train people to curl their toes in an interrogation because the distraction causes their non-verbal cues as to whether they lie or not to diminish—but you could teach that technique to a CIA or a KGB agent.

Putin does it in interviews with the media, did it with Tucker Carlson.

But the “toe technique” isn’t evil of itself—and if you went around screaming about “the Satanic toe technique” people would think you were ridiculous.

However, Harry clearly thinks Melania is evil—because he uses the mudra to ward her off.

So we know—as his other behaviour demonstrates—that Harry is on the left.

The symbols and signs are not evil in and of themselves, but it is my contention that Masonry uses them to induce a “mass gnosis” in the population.

This is an extreme action and what is extreme easily becomes evil, hence the symbols and signs are misused and inverted—and that’s what makes them Satanic.

It’s a democratic process, in essence—an attempt to make everyone “as god” when only a few ever can be.

So that’s the problem—the correct gnosis is lost.

But we can at least remove its incorrect forms, if nothing else.


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