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Atheistic scientists

If you read the polls about 92% of the American National Academy of Sciences and 95% for the Royal Society do not believe there is a God (or a higher power).

This is not because science disproves the existence of God, it is because these people are not scientists; they are state functionaries—and the state is atheistic, hence they agree with the state.

In the late 19th century, before total censorship prevailed in the West, it was observed that although the century had seen many technological advances, from steam power to the telegraph, that these all relied on breakthroughs made in the 17th century—all science had just been an elaboration on breakthroughs made by Newton and Leibniz (Galileo, Hooke, and so on), often it just waited for metallurgy to catch up for certain ideas to be put into practice.

Since WWII, no real science has been done in the West at all—it is all arrogated to political function, just like it was in the Soviet Union (Lysenko and so on).

Both Newton and Leibniz were religious—about 10% of Newton’s writings were alchemical (now sequestered in Jerusalem for “reasons”). He also produced theological treatises. Leibniz was involved in Rosicrucian societies and alchemical research—his development of binary derived from the I Ching.

In more recent times, Alfred Russel Wallace had the theory of evolution by natural selection come to him in a fever vision, and Kekulé (Kek) came to understand the structure of Benzene in a dream (he saw a snake eating its own tail, an ouroboros). And Tesla’s inventions came to him as “fiery visions” when he closed his eyes.

Tesla was obsessed with the numbers 3, 6, and 9—because he thought these represented a cosmic rhythm, just like Pythagoras (who would have said “God is a number”). It’s just the same as I used to tweet 9 times a day for magical effect—and that all the posts here in numbered sequence are a certain length. That is number in its pure qualitative and rhythmic aspect, but it also intertwines with it in its quantitative aspect as in science and technology.

There is no difference between science, magic, and religion—the idea that it is so is an invention by the Devil-worshippers who rule us. Real science has not been done for centuries—possibly millennia.

(Synchronicity: as I composed this article a man who talked to his old mother next to me in the cafe said “999”—and not in the context of the number for the emergency services; just as I write 999 words each day for this cycle and as Tesla understood that 9 is important.

* is real).


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