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Astrological eugenics

Astrological eugenics: as noted in many previous posts, astrology works—and this has implications beyond personal decisions and your personal life. Even if the conservatives abolished no-fault divorce, abortion, and re-instated chaperones tomorrow there would remain the question of who should be married to whom and also the question of whether such marriages would be reasonably harmonious. You can stop people getting divorced by fiat, but that will not make their marriages happy—just reduce overall instability; and, more importantly, it doesn’t ensure eugenic births, either.

The eugenic match, the happy match, must come about through astrology—though not as practiced in a half-arsed way by girls at the moment. This makes sense because, as discussed, the stars provide the information-energy for DNA, so the stars should guide our mating choices. Harmonious stars = harmonious marriage = harmonious children.

Hence astrological eugenics must be practiced. Obviously, we need to recover the art of astrology to a large degree—we need to make it normal to consult reputable astrologers as a first step. Unfortunately, much of the art is lost—but enough remains to make a start. Hence laws should be passed so that all couples have to have their marriage cleared with an astrologer—just as in the past all couples had to have blood tests.

This law will drive people to astrologers before they ever apply for a marriage licence—hence couples will be better matched all round, and their children will also be superior to the current crop. The need for divorce will decrease because couples will be better matched anyway. It can only be to the good.

Further, babies should only be conceived at astrologically propitious times—such babies will benefit from both a favourable birth and favourable parents.

Obviously, the current situation is complete anarchy and hardly anyone is matched up as they should be—the result being many unhappy marriages and inauspicious births (some downright monstrous). So the sooner we return to astrological eugenics, the better.

The stars demand it.


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