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AntiChrist (II)

If you see an alien represented in the media, it’ll be a grey alien like the one above.

And my phone has a little “alien” avatar to choose—and it’s a grey.

The grey alien is like a visual synecdoche that stands for all extraterrestrial life.

There are many potential forms this life could take, on the material scientific account.

But it just so happens that we always use the grey alien to represent alien life in general.

And it just so happens that at the start of my emoji icons on my phone there’s a whole series of unicorns for me to pick.

The entity above was painted by Marjorie Cameron—I’ve discussed her before, she was Jack Parsons’s “scarlet woman”, a bona fide witch.

She did Crowleyian magic with Parsons, who helped to make early rocket fuel and to found the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

He also used L. Ron Hubbard as his scryer—and they summoned various luminous orbs together, before Hubbard decamped with Parsons’s girlfriend and cash (he caught them in Florida, brought their boat back to shore with a spell to cause a storm).

The entity above, with its little black cosmic egg, is the same as an entity Crowley encountered called “Lam”.

Lam claimed to be a Buddhist lama—but who knows what he was, because these manifestations are known to lie.

In fact, “manifestations” are illusions, per the old magical texts I’ve read, and are parts of your own psyche not to be mistaken for the genuine higher states of being—which have no personification.

Scientology is based on Crowleyian magic—common sense tells us that Scientology is not a good religion; and, in fact, Crowley’s magic inverted certain traditional aspects of magic—and inversion = Satanism.

Further, Jimmy Savile used Crowleyian magic too—so we know this was all incorrect.

So the grey aliens, so much apparent in the media, constitute demons—malevolent entities.

I once had a moment when I met some people who were involved in neoreaction and all their eyes went black, like the figure above, while I sat with them—now that was not something anyone else would see, it was to do with the astral vision.

My eyes did it a few times but now they have this red electrical energy that fizzes there instead—the red vajra.

So the grey aliens with the big eyes represent Satanic energy forces, perhaps connected to material or worldly gain, Crowley had big “9” energy—it’s a war-like and worldly number.

The unicorn, as discussed very many times, is the ancient esoteric symbolic of the AntiChrist (unless balanced with the lion in symbolic terms) and it’s everywhere—it’s my first emoji option on my phone, and it’s the symbol of the LGBT+ movement (and transgenderism in particular).

It’s difficult to convey, but the AntiChrist, a system with various nodes (individuals), really is regnant at the moment.

The Freemasons are key to it, invert the Holy Grail, and they founded America—everything that has happened in America is the logical outcome of its foundation, not its negation.

There’s one religious symbol in the American state’s iconography—the Star of David.

There’s no established religion in America, but the country has the Star of David among its national symbols.

Because it is the nation of Judeo-Masonry, of the AntiChrist—it’s where LGBT+, transgenderism, and the unicorn emanate from.

So, to give you perspective as to the situation, America entire is a creation of the AntiChrist—if there are any genuine followers of Jesus there, or of any other non-Satanic figure, I’d be surprised.

If you think “Oh everything’s fine, maybe Trump will get in, maybe the churches will rally” you don’t grasp the situation—the AntiChrist is regnant.

There’s no “central committee” and the people in charge aren’t literal demons—they’re men and women plugged into the AntiChrist by rituals, not alway dramatic things like child sacrifice but inverted nonetheless.

The whole American system needs to come down and very soon—I just think that you need to appreciate how profound and total the inversion is at the moment.


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