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Eric Gill was responsible for the London Underground font—an iconic “British design classic”.

And he also made a big statue outside Broadcasting House.

He also fucked his dog and his daughter.

It’s relevant because, as an artist, that font—a font people read every day—encodes Gill’s soul.

So if you read it, you absorb this man’s psyche—meld it with your own.

And it’s even more powerful because it’s not the words, as a font it’s a symbol itself—a magical spell that goes into you.

I actually find the man repulsive to look at.

Well, I raise this again due to the title above—who rules the world?

The AntiChrist—which is a system, a system with various nodes, but a system nonetheless.

So who gets picked to do almost anything of any note whatsoever—and has done for thousands of years?

People who serve the AntiChrist.

So almost everything around you is a product of that—and once you accept that then the world we live in makes a lot more sense.

Well, the natural world seems fine—it’s brutal, of course, but it’s also sincere; and it’s that sincerity we lack in our world, because our world is mired in lies.

I use the term “AntiChrist” in its broadest sense, not just Christian—since I actually think Christianity itself is from the AntiChrist—but as a broad category for a general tendency to invert.

This has a real metaphysical dimension—there is a real force, in another dimension, that is malevolent and committed to inversion.

If you don’t think that it’s a literal reality—not just a metaphor—then you’re already controlled by it.

Most people, however, are not evil—genuine evil is rare.

Most people are ignorant, if they understood they would desist.

Evil means that you know what you do is wrong but you do it anyway—that is rare, not vanishingly rare, but not as common as some people say.

In general, people use the term “evil” too glibly.

For the most part, people are just ignorant—they don’t understand they’ve done wrong, and I can tell when they don’t mean it deep down; and that’s most times.

I’ve only encountered genuine evil perhaps three or four times in my life—when I knew the other person understood what they did was wrong and did it anyway.

However, the world is still under the total domination of the AntiChrist—and this situation has only become worse down the centuries, and it will get much worse before it gets better.

So that’s why people like Gill get picked to make the signs you read every day—not by some committee but by some spiritual force that makes sure they’re chosen to do it.

And so you’re really totally surrounded by this material—and this force is at work all the time, not to make you do bad things as such but to conceal and lie.

Of course, nothing lasts forever—the light will be reduced to a tiny speck before it suddenly reverses the situation in one tremendous revolution, one tremendous turn of the circle.

The least anyone can do—the least I did—is to chant “I renounce Satan and all his works” three times, or you could say “I renounce the Devil and all his works”.

There’s some confusion about the “good” religion, but at least we can renounce Satan—isn’t that enough?


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