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Anatomy of a cartoon

The above cartoon is ugly, but it illustrates a general tendency in the way progressive liberals characterise reality; and the themes within it are often repeated in other cartoons from the decadent progressive left, notably Trump has been similarly portrayed as a large infant who makes ka-ka in his diapers—he was portrayed as such by a large parade-type balloon flown in London. So this cartoon is a window into the liberal mind in general.

This cartoon was made by a man, but it reflects feminised thought. Women suffer from high negative emotionality; and this is connected to the preoccupation with Trump’s “diapers” and, in this case, the “droppings” from Putin’s tank. The cartoon reflects real life reactions to negative events: “What pig left the toilet like that! It smells! Poo! And put the toilet seat down. How many times have I told you?!”. Women react to foul odours and foul events with much more negative emotionality than men—with voluble expressions of outrage.

The emotional reaction is transferred to figures like Putin and Trump, strong men who cause high distress for people who feel negative emotions more easily—they constantly shove reality, often very foul, in your face. The sensitive express their disgust and desire to suppress “the smell” through a direct link to actual ordure in political caricature—reality is a smelly diaper. The desire is for all this reality to be mopped up, or, if it cannot be removed, please, whatever you do, don’t mention the smell!.

This tendency to feel negative emotions strongly explains why progressive leftists frequently claim that events less emotionally labile people barely register leave them “literally shaking” and in doubt as to their “mental health”. This is in part a narcissistic play act, but it also reflects the real fact that for these people negative events feel nightmarish. A slight exception must be made for the French, a race that naturally delights in excremental cartoons and general turdery: a French-Moroccan friend’s girlfriend once started to sing a song in her native tongue that went “ka-ka, ka-ka-ka, ka-ka”. The man turned to me and said, with a slightly furrowed brow: “It’s about…err, you say…poop.” His Moroccan blood clearly wondered why it had ever left North Africa to enter the bizarro world of metropolitan France.

In this cartoon, Putin has a limp dick. This reflects the typical female shit-test: “You’ve got a small dick!”, “You’ve got a limp dick!”, “Who hurt you?”. Variations on these phrases—the last phrase exactly—can be predictably elicited from women, the latter especially if you tell a woman what women are really like in an objective way. To depict Putin as “limp dicked” or Trump as “a loser” supposedly cuts their masculine pride to the quick; yet only narcissistic people think this way. It would only be a narcissistic man who would be cut to the bone and sunk in self-reflection if one time he “couldn’t get it up”, or if an election was stolen from under him. Yet for liberal leftists—as for women—public humiliation is the worst thing imaginable, to have the narcissistic image shattered. Hence they depict Putin with a limp dick or Trump as a loser because they think it will really hurt them, and also as a petulant challenge to obvious virility.

Putin and Trump appear as toddlers because in the feminine-leftist mind they are toddlers to scold. They misbehave, spread their reality ka-ka about the place, and so must be in “tantrum mode”. The idea that they pursue rational objectives is inconceivable for the narcissist; if someone acts powerfully and independently they are just a naughty boy who scrawls crayons on the living room wall—the idea that someone could have genuine autonomy that grants them mastery over an environment is inconceivable. He must be scolded: “Now listen here young man, I’ve been on this planet longer than you…”. Of course, both leftists and mothers are ultimately impotent; only dad can complete the “behave, or else” circuit.

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