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In ordinary conversation, “anarchy” means disorder; but, in technical terms, it means “without government” (no archons, no rulers). It is possible to have ordered anarchy, though most anarchy tends towards disorder.

If everyone acted with self-restraint, there would be ordered anarchy—because there would be no need for government.

Imagine that this condition pertains to the globe, so that other tribes would also restrain themselves from unprovoked aggression—if no one engaged in provocative aggression, only ever acted in self-defence, there could be no wars; and, therefore, since the state exists to wage war, no need for states.

However, many people do not exercise voluntary self-restraint; and, therefore, we must have states to repel people who predate against us, and we must also have an internal justice system to deter and punish people within the state who do not exercise voluntary self-restraint.

Various explanations have been made for why man cannot exercise universal self-restraint—these range from a fallen spiritual condition to differences in intelligence levels that lead some people and groups to be unable to exercise self-restraint.

So, for example, when I walked out of the supermarket last summer some local proto-thug, on his scooter, swore at me for no reason—unprovoked aggression (actual reason: I look like a powerful older man, I dress slightly differently to his norm, and he comes from a family with above-average aggression and below-average intelligence, hence he lacks self-restraint and so he “just expresses himself”).

Since it is forbidden for me to seize him and spank him, I began to gyrate wildly in his direction, in the direction of his friends, and while I gyrated I chanted strange words, mostly strings of consonants, and fixed my arms outwards like a witch doctor who commands another person to obey him.

The result was that for several weeks when he saw me he literally turned his scooter away from me and scooted in the other direction as fast as possible; and, even now, he flinches if he sees me walking fast in the supermarket (I tend to walk in a determined and rapid manner, almost in a frenzied state—so that he may think that I am “coming for him”).

This is all because people fear the unknown—and an older man who breaks out into peculiar dances and ejaculations, rather than just “ignoring it” or chastising him, creates the unknown, and this is fearful.

He might do anything, he’s a nutter.

Hence the cultivation of the unknown, of chaos, can be a weapon, an effective weapon, against disordered anarchy in some dimensions—the effect is purely psychic.

However, an earlier experiment was not so successful. Several proto-thugs used to sit at the village station and throw empty drink cartons at passengers as they got off the train. While everyone else ignored them, when they threw something at me I stood before them, eyed them up and down, and then spat a large gob of spit just to their right—then I walked down the station exit corridor.

The result was a 3/4 full bottle of coke thrown in my back very hard (they were not so frightened, in part, because at the time I just wore a business suit—whereas now I wear…something else; although, of course, they ran away as quickly as possible—though not so far as they were really afraid).

This was because the dominance challenge was not direct—if you’re going to spit, spit in someone’s face, otherwise it looks like weakness (this was also during Covid-19, so to spit in someone’s face probably counted as some “unhygienic assault” which is, in part, why I didn’t—although, from their perspective, they wouldn’t care and would do it to me; though doubtless they would quickly squeal to the authorities that I put them “at risk” if the positions were reversed).

So that didn’t work, but peculiar dances and incantations, on the other hand, can deeply unsettle people—more so thugs, in fact, who are very normative in their thought patterns, being not so very intelligent, and, therefore, adverse to anything different (i.e. not similar to the psychic filth which they have been brought up in and inhabit).

So anarchy is not an undesirable state, if by that you mean ordered anarchy—but ordered anarchy is a rare state; in practice, it will only exist among the highly intelligent, because, as pacifists like Bertrand Russell would say, “cooperation and negotiation constitute the best outcomes all round”.

And that’s why people say “war is stupid” and we should just offer passive resistance—well, the people who say that, like the Extinction Rebellion people, are always very intelligent. They never scooted around outside the supermarket all day swearing at people, they went home and did their homework (double algebra). So now they can’t understand “why we have wars” and “why we have prisons“.

Well, not everyone is so intelligent as to exercise voluntary restraint and engage in cooperation—and, besides, even if intelligence reduces your inclination to use coercion it doesn’t remove it altogether, for there may be limited instances when to use coercion would advance your goals, even from an intelligent perspective; and hence there is always a strong chance that ordered anarchy will fall into disordered anarchy—and so require a sovereign to remove disorder.


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