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If you think trans is going to stop, forget about it—this cannot be dealt with in rational terms, it is not “against biology” it is the logical outcome of material science and the rule of the AntiChrist.

So there will be no “return to reason”—trans is an outcome from the way reason itself has developed.

Material science removes all values, there is no absolute metaphysical sex divide in science.

A key facet to scientific thought is to arrange everything on a spectrum and to think in situational and relative terms (i.e. relativistic terms).

That is how you address problems in scientific terms.

That is the root of “transgenderism”—which asserts that “gender is on a spectrum”, which it is, from a scientific standpoint (data points plotted on a graph, with an overlap zone—even if very small, it still exists).

To say “the sexes are different and have different roles that cannot be violated” is a metaphysical statement that is excluded from any material scientific thought.

There’s just matter to be rearranged—so why not use antibiotics, surgical technology, artificial hormones, and so on to become a man?

From a secular ethical perspective, it only impacts on your own body and hurts nobody else in any way detectable to science—so it’s not wrong.

The actual spiritual significance as regards transgenderism is that it inverts the hermaphrodite—the spiritual operation that opens the third eye, in which the priest is the metaphysical hermaphrodite.

There is no resistance to transgenderism because the West is controlled by America and America was created by the AntiChrist.

Everything that happens there is the logical outcome of the fact America is built on hypocrisy.

Americans asserted that “all men are created equal”—a proposition that created mirth in Samuel Johnson, who observed that it was rich for “the drivers of the negros” to proclaim all men were created equal.

Slavery wasn’t legal in England, only the trade—and if a black African landed here they were free.

American conservatives sometimes say that these statements were misinterpreted, but Lord North, the Prime Minister at the time, took “all men are created equal” to mean “all men are equal”, and said it was ridiculous.

This is why the “black question” will destroy America—because it is the country’s original hypocrisy.

And nobody is more unbearable than American conservatives who sneer at the blacks behind one hand while they proclaim “Christ is King!”—if you think so much of Jesus, go wash the feet of a black child-murderer.

Their destruction is richly merited for their smug hypocrisy.

And why shouldn’t anyone live there if they wish, if all men are equal? Aren’t the immigrants at the border created as equal as you?

America was founded on greed, because they didn’t want to pay Britain back for the monetary support during the Indian Wars, and through lies—because in no way was King George a “tyrant”, nor are “all men created equal”.

America was founded by Freemasons to become what it is today—the Devil’s playground, the world’s biggest Jewish holiday camp, and the seat of the AntiChrist.

Current developments are the logical and intended outcome for America—not its negation.

When Americans swear allegiance to the Constitution, they swear allegiance to the AntiChrist.

This the Aquarian Age: the collapse will be total—families, nations, races will be destroyed on a vast scale.

The waters come.

Further, don’t think Israel will lose in Gaza or Lebanon—on the contrary, she will win.

The AntiChrist will continue to win and win until the line is down to a few people, perhaps no more than a dozen.

And don’t think “Russia good, Russia Christian”—North Korea is a key Russian ally, do you think they are not aligned to the AntiChrist?

The best among that axis is Iran—and even they boast about how many women go to university.

Almost everything is controlled by the Antichrist—America is totally under the control of the AntiChrist, Britain almost entirely, and Russia very substantially.

There is no real opposition—the Devil is regnant, the waters will come.


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