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It is a recognised facet to reality among the world’s major religions that evil will win and win and win right up to “the last battle”, at which point, when all seems hopeless, the situation will reverse. It follows from this observation that the winners in history are evil. Hence the Soviet Union, counterintuitive as it may seem, was not as evil as the United States—and Hitler’s Germany was less evil than both. This may seem peculiar because you may think that surely in America people have the protection of law and are not herded into concentration camps (well, except for the Red Indians) and can say what they like. So, how can America be “evil”—people there are freer and wealthier than anyone else in human history?

The answer depends on how far you think spirit is real. Yes, the Soviet Union was a more materially harsh society than the USA, by far—more brutal and murderous; and yet it is luxury that truly corrupts a person, not privation. Life can be very hard and brutal but if you are insulated from reality by luxury then you will be perverted in a way that is very different from cold concrete apartment blocks and meagre cabbage soup—and this is the problem with the USA, it’s a fat land.

Solzhenitsyn got it. If you watch his address at Harvard in the 1980s you see him excoriate the society around him—and, frankly, the way I read Solzhenitsyn in that speech is that he would have preferred to go back to the USSR (back to a KGB prison even) than to be in America. In part, that was because there’s no place like home and many people would prefer to be executed and buried at home than to live in comfort and security abroad. Yet I also think that Solzhenitsyn was genuinely repulsed by the America he lived in at a spiritual level in a way he never was by the USSR; except he couldn’t say that—his Harvard speech caused shock and vituperation from the Americans, and he’d probably find it excessive to admit to himself that America was worse than home.

To understand the problem just consider Starbucks—the coffee is large (too large) and tasteless; it might as well be cardboard. The servers ask for your name in a corporate-mandated strategy to promote artificial loyalty to the brand (“They know my name!”)—and yet it is contrived and unnatural for both the customer and server. Also contrived and unnatural is the fact the chain supports the “Mermaids” charity for transgender kids. It’s just—mediocre, low quality. I mean there’s nothing wrong with it as such—at a certain level it is comfortable, at a pig level (better than anything the Soviets had by miles). And yet it’s…soulless. It’s dead. It’s perverted.

All things that come from America are like that—Starbucks, McDonalds, Chevrolet, Windows, Hollywood films; just everything is like that. Dead and low quality—if not actually perverse. The reason is simple: America is controlled by Satan—and I mean this literally. It’s very obvious if you’re not hypnotised by American mass media and their lies. Every metric agreed by the world’s religions to be “evil” is promoted as “good” in America: homosexuality, “empowerment” of women, abortion, pornography, greed, transgender surgery (on children), promotion of the Jews (held suspect by Christianity and Islam), promotion of black Africans (universally held in disdain, even in America), formal separation of the church from the state so that the country is atheistic—it just goes on and on. It’s literally true: the agreed symbol for Satan in esoterica is the unicorn—and this symbol is promoted throughout American mass media and society (and especially in shops like Starbucks).

It makes sense: America has won constantly—we live in a world where evil wins; therefore, America is the most evil society that has ever existed on earth. It is composed from the scum of Europe (and now the scum of the world)—the people who were either deranged on peculiar religious ideas or opportunistic southern Italian peasants or hucksterish Jews. These groups have mixed, after a fashion, to create the devil’s spawn. It’s why everything American is soulless—their only musical form, jazz, is just black music about fucking. That’s it. That’s the America soul—a wet ass pussy wiping itself across your car windshield as you wait to take your seven-year-old daughter to the transgender clinic, Starbucks frappuccino in hand.

It’s why the UFOs appear in America so regularly. The UFOs are the gods that will return—they like to abduct Americans, size-up their nuclear silos because when the apocalypse happens, when the world is wiped clean, it is America that they will have to destroy. It is the new Babel, the new Babylon—and if you are American you should renounce your citizenship; but you won’t, because you’re not a sucker (so you think). Well, you know, it turns out there are worse fates than a gulag—worse fates that Auschwitz. To be killed, to be tortured—yes, evil. But to lose your soul? For what? For the mighty $$$—yet as they say, “Love of money is the root of all evil,” and nobody, from Donald Trump to Hunter Biden, loves money more than an American.


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Gnos Tic
Gnos Tic
Apr 08, 2023

By that logic doesn't that make the taliban worse than america? They did win, after all.


Mar 14, 2023

Renouncing American citizenship is apparently difficult for a variety of reasons though. It's like basically not having any citizenship by default; since anyone can be an American.


Some guy with no plan
Some guy with no plan
Mar 14, 2023

If they just let us keep our fucking foreskins then maybe we could have slowed the rot atleast

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