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American Psychos and Woody Allens; or, the left and the right—male versus female

We can use the extremes to model the majority: hence the left is neurotic and the right is psychopathic. The two typologies above conform to the left and the right respectively—although I have a slight quibble with “irresponsible”; psychopath-rightists are not “irresponsible”, they are risk-takers—in true psychopathy senseless risk-taking can become irresponsibility. Otherwise, the two typologies accurately account for the division between the left and the right.

Notice, for example, the “emotionally immature” trait found in the psychopath—this correlates to Pepe the frog humour on the right (“Pepe poo-poo pee-pee”) and also the right’s lavatorial humour (obsession with “giant logs” that have blocked the toilet and satisfaction at completed bowel movements). This is typical psychopathic behaviour. At the same time callousness (“I don’t care what you think, I don’t want ‘em here—there are too many of ‘em”) mixes with hedonism (cocaine-fuelled binges at night clubs, the American Psycho lifestyle).

As for thought, the right is rationalistic—often to a cold degree—and, as noted, celebrates risk-taking as a means to advance and genuinely progress (and this mixes with callousness; no progress…without casualties). Finally, we have antisocial, defiant, explosive, impulsive—behaviour most often seen with the English Defence League in a street ruck, or perhaps with a protest against Covid-19 restrictions. The desire to be the regnant Nietzschean superman, above the herd, remains typically antisocial.

On the neurotic side we find fear, jealousy, anxiety, apprehensiveness, depression, helplessness, and inferiority—it paints quite a picture, no? I see a man quaking and shaking in his vegan moccasins—I see the left, I see Nietzsche’s “slave morality”; I see “my mental health”. Whereas the psychopath wants to remove restrictions to freedom, the neurotic wants more restrictions—more fences by unsound cliff faces (“Don’t stand so close to the edge…you’re making me nerrrrrrrvoussss…”).

The neurotic is unimaginative, stereotyped in his fantasies—just as today’s leftists live in the dull Manichaean world found in Marvel comic movies; everything is good/evil—there is no depth or nuance to characters, no ambiguity (ambiguity makes people anxious). This is combined with a preoccupation with religious and moral ideas; hence, “Am I a good person?”, “Am I a racist?”, “Am I being a progressive male, am I letting women speak?”. “U wot, mate?”—so replies the psychopath. The neurotic is obsessive—hence his hypochondria and his religious fanaticism (he will never stop until “racism” is abolished—totally).

The neurotic is not only antisocial (as religious fanatics tend to be) but also asocial—he is not in the club snorting cocaine with da bisches. He is shy and sensitive, the world’s harshness upsets him—and so he retreats into religious (political) delusions; yet he will not be too active about it—he is timorous and passive (the state will do it for me). As a nervous indecisive sheep he is easily swayed and manipulated, hence he is “mass man”—Nietzsche’s “slave morality man”. He is overly protective towards himself and others—he yearns for the breast, for the welfare state (independence makes him anxious, so best put this finely-groomed lab rat back in his comfortable cage).

Further, he is “sexually conditioned”—this refers to operant conditioning (per Pavlov), so that he is easily programmed by certain cues attached to sex. He is chemically hypnotised by pussy—he associates femininity with sexual reward and so idolises women (and this expresses itself as feminism in his religious fanaticism). The psychopath, by contrast, feels almost no emotional attachment to the sex act—he will even perform it in public, or acquire a woman and fail to perform (it was just for the pursuit, the thrill of the chase).

This divide obviously maps onto male (psychopath) and female (neurotic)—hence the right is masculine and the left is feminine (or composed from feminised men). It also maps onto youth and maturity: all young people tend towards neuroticism, since they are inexperienced and so are naturally timorous and anxious—and, notoriously, conformist to their peer group. All old people tend towards psychopathy because they have experienced “emotional burnout” and seen the consequences of most actions, hence little surprises them—there is little to be anxious about.

Yet everyone has an innate disposition one way or the other, so that Woody Allen is a confirmed neurotic and Ted Bundy was a confirmed psychopath. The average man, being average, probably has both traits to a certain degree—and these can be accentuated by social conditions. Hence, under decadence, the superabundance of food, entertainment, and porn will create a more neurotic man—being overly satiated (soft, fat) and sexually conditioned (access to porn leads to worship of women, self-programming that women are good). Hence a decadent society will be a neurotic society, and this is what we find to be the case—as evidenced by reactions to Covid-19.

Further, the central racial tension in the West—between Jews and Indo-Aryans—can be explained with reference to neuroticism-psychopathy; psychological research and Woody Allen films indicate that the Jews score higher in neuroticism, Northern Europeans less so (cold blue-eyed devils); and so the Jews will be more predisposed to the left, the Nordics to the right—and both will tend to perceive the other as peculiar (sadistic or perverted, respectively).

The left-right divide is essentially a struggle between neurotics and psychopaths (male and female); and so it has a sado-masochistic component—neurotics take a certain pleasure in shrikes of “horror” as the right does various “things” (to them?). However, although the left imagines—hysterically—that the right “takes pleasure” in their “humiliation”, the right, being with blunt affect, actually feels little (they are motivated by novel activity and task-completion, not social humiliation—a leftist preoccupation). As observed elsewhere, politics is essentially a male-female flirtation, where the left squeaks hysterical flirtation protests at the right to “stop doing x” (fracking, making war)—the cause is not “selfishness” as such, rather they want relief from the anxiety and psychological discomfort the right’s activities always induce in them.


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