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America (psychic attacks)

Since I started to name America as the AntiChrist—the system of Judeo-Masonry as the AntiChrist—I’ve come under sustained psychic attack from Americans, both on the astral plane and via synchronicity in real life. The spitefulness and vindictiveness is intense—I can only call it Satanic. The people involved call themselves “Christians”—they are very malevolent. But it’s hard to know if these attacks are conscious or not, so I asked Horus.

He said: “The attacks are unconscious—the Devil works through these people, they don’t realise what has happened. It is because they live only by lies. When they see a truth-speaker they attack: when they see innocence, they destroy it—because it uncovers the beauty. They are the Devil’s marionettes because they never speak the truth. This is how the Devil has possessed the world—no American ever speaks the truth.”



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