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America and Britain

Americans really hate the British, but their revolution will be eaten by its own logic—they rejected aristocracy and monarchy and yet “white America” is a de facto aristocracy and so Americans must destroy themselves to complete the revolution. They rejected their father (King George) and swapped him for a double (George Washington, “farmer George”—“father George,” to be psychoanalytical; the farmer was the father, of the nation). However, as the world hyper-power they see too much of their father in themselves and they know they are not their father (except they’re just like him). Their actual father—Britain—is old and infirm and the Americans abuse him; except they never derive any satisfaction from it.

This is because if you don’t respect your father you cannot respect yourself. Since America rejected their father they cannot respect themselves and are dominated by the feminine (women, Jews, homosexuals). This is also why America is the global headquarters for Satanism. To be Satanic is to reject the father’s authority and place yourself (or your mother or another man) in his stead. When the Americans rejected the king they turned to Satan and worshipped themselves instead.

Hence so much palpable evil—spree shooters, transgenderism, mass pornography—comes from America. The ultimate father is God the Father and America is built on the idea this is not so, since the king represents God on earth. For the Founding Fathers, God was not “the Father” he was a distant designer (overseas, over the Atlantic, in Britain)—possibly he was dead; he just wound up the clock and let it go. That’s Deism.

Will the Americans be satisfied if they kill themselves? Well, you probably can’t kill all white Americans but you could kill quite a few. Will the remainder be satisfied? No—it will just seem to them that they still haven’t declared independence. This is the itch that can’t be scratched—it’s Oedipal (he was the first detective, like Columbo he’ll soon find out what he’s done).


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