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All Fools’ Day

I said that I slept with 6 women—well, yes, but I will only ever have one true love.

But, anyway, that statement was a magic spell—because as soon as I logged onto X after I made it I found that the Israelis had killed 6 top Iranian officials in Damascus.

Six women = six officials

You have to read everything I say at several levels—this strike by the Israelis, on the Iranian consulate, is regarded as a bit crazy and highly escalatory.

It will bring Iran into the war on the side of Hamas—or, at least, escalate it in that direction.

Which was my intention, it’s why I did the spell—I knew that the Palestinians need some help, else the Jews will slaughter them all.

And, in the previous article, I said that the Iranians are about the only decent people in the Russian axis.

So this will help the Palestinians out—it was done with 6 missiles too, and people can’t figure out why Israel would do such a “crazy” thing.

I also gave Netanyahu his hernia by projecting negative thoughts at him—but that’s another story.

Happy April, Fools!


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