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All-American pogrom

Before Christmas, it was noted that there’s been a change in the media environment where the Jews, in America, have come under overt pressure—with mainstream figures that range from Tucker Carlson to Elon Musk highlighting the way Jews often play a pivotal role in anti-European propaganda and thought.

As to exactly how this happens, it’s hard to say—but it’s definitely true, from the study of history, that the Jews are subject to pogroms. Now, if we assume all races and religions are exactly the same, then these events are inexplicable and are the result of “prejudice” or “irrational thoughts”.

However, if we assume that races and religions differ, then the parsimonious explanation is that the Jews often rub their hosts up the wrong way—and this leads to a pogrom, sooner or later. It’s so common, as commentators on the radical right have often noted, that it’s almost not funny—you can produce a long list of countries that have expelled the Jews, almost as long as the list of German fighter aces in WWII.

I think that the Jews are at first symbiotic with their host societies but then, eventually, the relationship decays to parasitism—and then the pogrom happens. But, whatever the reason, it’s just a lesson from history that the Jews are rejected by their host society sooner or later.

So what we see in America is no more or less than the same process that has always happened in history—at a certain point, the relationship turns sour and open criticism begins (and this often leads to persecution or expulsions).

Perhaps in America it took longer because the country is very large, so people can ignore each other, and because Jewish immigration only really happened in the late 19th century, and because the society itself is “Judaised” via its Puritan and democratic legacy—it’s the most amenable society on earth for Jews, from a belief perspective, and also a place where for decades, especially before TV and cinema, they wouldn’t be noticed beyond, basically, New York and a few other large urban areas.

Hence the “all-American pogrom” took a long time to manifest. And, in addition, manifests with all the more force because it was suppressed for so long. It’s a black swan event—rather than the medieval situation, where, on occasion, Jewish traders or gypsies were driven from a town, you have the same historical phenomenon in a modern society, where there is prolonged stability, in the metacontext, which sets the scene for a huge explosion.

Rather than being a society, as with Shakespeare’s England, where people watch The Merchant of Venice and see in that “typical Jewish behaviour” the modern pogrom comes as an irruption into a modern society that doesn’t even consider such a thing to be real “we’re all just people at the end of the day”. Yet when, thanks to social media, there’s a sudden exposure of an old truth the whole thing comes as a sudden realisation—which makes it more forceful, shock-filled, and apocalyptic.

What I mean is that if you accosted some tavern keeper in Potsdam in 1519 and said, “You know, barkeep, I think these Jews are untrustworthy, lie a lot, and are very greedy and involved in usury,” he’d just shrug his shoulders and think “what’s news?”. But if you take a modern person, whose baseline assumption is “we’re all the same, and perhaps people have been unfair to the Jews in the past—like they were unfair to the blacks”, then when they have a realisation in the opposite direction it comes as a thunder-strike.

Hitler’s experience gives you an impression as to this situation, because Germany in the 1890s was already a very modern place—and young Hitler at first thought that the Jews were “just a religion” and that it was distasteful, uneducated, and rude to view them with disdain. His opinion gradually shifted, of course.

In a completely modern country like America, where the old prejudices of Potsdam were unknown, the realisation is even more acute—and, as is normal in modernity, the final “black swan” is likely to be even more pronounced.

“So you’re saying the Americans might be worse than Hitler?”

It’s impossible to say for sure, but it’s very likely.


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