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All-American hypocrite

Updated: Apr 30

This man runs an account that documents wars around the world—not for money, but for vanity.

To be popular.

He makes some money from it too, but mostly it’s vanity.

So his vanity feeds on death and suffering—often of civilians.

His account serves no military or diplomatic function—it’s pure entertainment.

It’s pure entertainment to self-aggrandise himself through the deaths and suffering of others.

Yet here he feels comfortable to sit in judgment on others.

Because he is a hypocrite.

I don’t think you should punch people or strike them for no reason.

But I don’t think it’s wrong to physically chastise women as such.

I once had a girlfriend who slapped me very hard on both cheeks because I looked at pornography and screamed at me as she did it.

I sat still for while and then slapped her on both cheeks and choked her.

At the time I felt great remorse—but now I don’t.

I feel justified, what I did was justified.

It’s not against the law—if someone hits you or slaps you it is not illegal to hit them or slap them back, if they incite it then they are responsible for the unforeseen circumstances that come about through the use of violence, which is chaos.

Sure, it might not be honourable—men are meant to just take it like a gentleman.

To be masculine is, in part, to have self-control, but it’s not intrinsically wrong to physically chastise a woman.

And, in fact, women like to be spanked in bed—and one woman begged me to do it because her other boyfriend, a Jew, wouldn’t do it.

Sure, I was wrong to look at pornography—but that doesn’t mean I should be hit and screamed at.

Especially not when I walk in the door.

It’s not proportionate.

But, yes, we were only about 22—so I understand why she did it, because women are labile and we were young.

But I don’t think it was as wrong as I did then—I think I was justified.

I’ve seen women slap men many times and throw lighted candles at them and plates and so on.

To be frank, that’s just how the sexes are—people just don’t talk about it, that’s the real taboo.

However, I’ve seen women slap men time and again (and worse) and get away with it—just get a “there, there what’s wrong, dear?” statement, from the man or from their fathers.

In short, they’re indulged in their bad behaviour.

It’s not that men are “domestically abused”, because there’s no such thing as domestic abuse—it’s a feminist lie.

It’s a lie that extends to BBC programs like Abused By My Girlfriend—which is just fantasy.

The West is feminised—women have always been physically chastised within reasonable limits.

And Blackstone describes how the working man used to make “free and easy” use of this prerogative.

Women derive sexual pleasure from a male spanking.

But they are so spoilt and set the tone so much that Western men produce hysterical nonsense like the above X post—which they don’t even believe themselves deep down.

And the result is that women run their writ across the West—and are also sexually frustrated because they lack that deeply deserved spank.

I don’t think it’s right to hit (or slap) anyone without provocation, as the post above suggests—but if you start violence yourself, even if you think you’re justified because the other person is in the wrong, then you bring uncontrollable circumstances down upon yourself and you have only yourself to blame.

So today I’m not sorry and I think I was justified to hit back—I have never made a mistake, and I’ve never struck anyone except in self-defence.

Western men are feminised and subordinated to a ridiculous sentimental view of women as “daddy’s darlings” who can’t be touched and must be protected at all costs—as a result, the West is run by Satan, because woman is the Devil.

And this sentimental cant is part of the illness—it facilitates outrageous behaviour by women.


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