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Aliens (revealed)

I have seen certain indications that our regime is in preparation to reveal “aliens” to the mass population. For example, there has been an uptick in UAP task forces from NASA, and an uptick in official US government interest in the matter, and a general idea that “UAPs” (“UFOs”, as known) should be taken seriously and not just written off as a joke anymore.

Further, I notice that news about exoplanets that seem to contain life is being hyped in the media. So the programming is being created to suggest “habitable planets” + “space craft” = “aliens”.

Further, there are certain accounts on what used to be Twitter (“X”) that trade in predictions about the future—about Turkish coup attempts, about Trump’s legal troubles—that are “uncanny” in their accuracy (I mean to the day). These accounts either have some esoteric knowledge or access to US intelligence resources—and they have also predicted that “aliens” will be revealed to the public within the next two years.

As noted in previous posts, there is a deliberate misinformation campaign around UFOs—specifically, the misinformation takes a leftist direction (the government and corporations hide UFO technology for private profit). However, to go by the body language of at least one physicist involved in this campaign, the “aliens” are inter-dimensional—not from another planet.

This is because these are spiritual entities—and, given the US government is aligned with Satan, such entities so revealed will also be Satanic. The story will be that these are from another planet, with the idea already pre-prepared through mass media suggestion that there are habitable exoplanets.

Now, some Christians maintain that this is all Satanic—but I think it’s a mixture, there are many spiritual entities; and some are Satanic, others are not. It’s just the gods, in effect, and there have always been a mixture of such entities—and, as the kali-yuga ends, these entities will begin to manifest themselves.

You can tell there’s truth behind the whole UAP-UFO issue because there’s a euphemism treadmill around it (as with negro/black/African-American). The constant name changes indicate that something is up—something has to be hidden. In this case, the problem for the regime is that it is legitimatised by materialist scientism and spiritual entities contradict this idea—hence it requires time to present them as “plausible” visitors from another planet (not other dimensions).


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