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A heartbreaking work of staggering racism

Why does the West dominate the world? Even today, the two Koreas are divided on principles derived from the West—the North follows Marxism-nationalism, the South follows liberal democracy. The Jews, the Chinese and Japanese, and even the Indians (some Indians) record group IQs higher than Westerners; so why does the West dominate the world? Why do we not take a lead from Japan or Israel as regards our basic thrust?

The answer lies in the way the West combines intelligence with individuality. The West is really a North-West European product: the NW Euros combine societies with a consistent “average average” IQ (100) plus occasional outlier individuals with both a high IQ and strong individuality—a less kind word for individuality is disagreeability, the willingness to contradict a herd mentality. Hence countries, such as Britain, that progress rapidly also display higher levels of eccentricity, willingness to break social norms in benign individualistic ways—a trait that is tolerated.

High intelligence is not enough: the Chinese, Japanese, and Jews all have higher intelligence but they are also more ethnocentric and conformist—they are all about the group. This is why the concern about the Japanese economic miracle in the 1980s was misplaced. At the time, people thought—many still remembered WWII—that Japan would become the new global superpower, her economic growth was that impressive. There is a whole sub-genre of films and airport novels that feature a newly regent Japan as she humiliates the West. It never happened. It never happened because the Japs are hardworking highly intelligent conformists, and this is in the blood. They can contribute to science and the arts on the fringes, but for the most part they cannot innovate—the idea of being “an eccentric” constitutes a social crime for them.

Indeed, internally, Asiatics do not even have the same morality as Westerners. This is why a Chinaman will walk past or walk over a person who has had a heart attack on the street—and why the government needs social credit schemes to generate pro-social behaviour from the Chinese. The Chinaman only understands social conformism—as do the Japs and the Indians. This also explains their extreme cruelty to animals and, well, pretty much everyone—Asiatic cruelty, paper cuts and death by a thousand cuts.

The Jews have the same problem; they are very ethnocentric—so they tend to form cabals that exclude almost everyone except their ethnic group. For example, it has been shown that Jewish academics cite each other more frequently than would be expected by mere chance—Indians indulge in similar behaviour. NW Euros are at a disadvantage in these situations because they hire people on their individual qualities—yet if they hire ethnocentric groups into their businesses and institutions these ethnic patronage networks will take over and form nepotistic cabals. Hence NW Euros need to practice segregation, otherwise their institutions—such as, for example, Harvard—will become dominated by other groups.

A problem for India is that although she has many very intelligent people she also has huge chasms where intelligence descends precipitously—a legacy from the caste system. This means that the Indians can design and build a submarine but then a crew member will leave a hatch open and the whole boat will sink—and it also explains why Indian infrastructure always feels shoddy, the lifts are in bad repair and the walls flaky. You need a consistent level of intelligence (100-110) to run through society all the way in order for the ideas developed by a genius to be implemented successfully.

The upshot from these points is that almost everything of value in the world depends on the NW Euros, other groups being either too stupid, too corrupt, or too conformist to produce anything that causes progress. Obviously, there will always be outliers—there will be an eccentric Chinaman or a relatively non-ethnocentric Jew or an African with higher than average intelligence—yet the general thrust will be maintained. This is in the blood—perhaps you could force the Japanese to be more idiosyncratic but they will never like it, nor, to an extent, do they even have “the bit” that allows them to do it. Elements in the “autistic” Western right admire Japan for her conformism and neatness, but really to do so is unWestern—and if you go to Japan you will find the most ferocious and genuine “racism” against, well, everybody. Westerners find it peculiar and deeply alienating (except for the ones who are there to have sex with women who look like children *Natch*).

Further, as the left’s attacks on “white beauty standards” reveal, NW Euros are the world’s beauty standard. Taken together, this means that in eugenic terms the ideal is to be NW European: other breeding possibilities will lead to conformist—if perfectly executed—mediocrity (as in North Korea) or underdeveloped societies (Africa) or ugly cabals. So if you were to start from scratch to create a eugenic race you would create the NW Europeans; and if we bred eugenically we would end up with NWEuro+—the same traits accentuated and improved.

The above does not negate the importance of ideas: for example, ideas—promoted by ethnocentric cabals—such as open borders, the end of segregation, and the end of free association will destroy the NW Euro group in the long term; and NW Euros are vulnerable to predation because clever individualists like novel ideas and NW Euros deal with people as individuals where others see only race. This leads to the irony that NW Euros are the world group most concerned with “racism”—being keen to “see the individual” and be compassionate—whereas the Indians, Chinese, Japs, and Jews are the genuine “racists” par excellence. Perhaps we will all be replaced by computers in the near future, and these mere biological concerns will no longer interest; nevertheless, I get the impression that there is life in the old body—and that computers are not capable, as yet, of genius.


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