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A dangerous idea

I noticed Peter Hitchens posted a video where he spoke at a “Festival of Dangerous Ideas” where he said that the dangerous idea with the potential to change the world for the better “…remains the belief that Jesus Christ was the son of God and rose from the dead”. Which I’m sure made many people roll their eyes to the ceiling (and groan).

The idea of a “Festival of Dangerous Ideas” reminds me of a “Communist University”, a kind of day school, I once went to that had the tagline “Question Everything!”. It just made me think, “Is Marxism true?”. But that wasn’t the idea, apparently. You could say I have a philosophical temperament.

Obviously, these events that call themselves “Festivals of Dangerous Ideas” are nothing of the sort—and, as it happens, people talk about “Christ our risen saviour” all the time, that’s why it’s not “dangerous” to do so. Nobody will stop you, at least not in the sense as when a dangerous idea is adumbrated—when people will come screaming at you “shut up!”.

The reason why people roll their eyeballs when you say “Jesus Christ was the most revolutionary idea” is that it’s an obvious power play by pompous people—most people with an interest in religion are moralists with a desire to control other people through morality.

They’re not holists, they’re not holy, they’re not people who accept everything about themselves and other people. They’re people who think “I’m good and have a clean arsehole because I accepted Jesus, now let’s see if I can find some other people to make feel bad because they haven’t accepted Jesus—then I’ll have power over them”.

This then infuriates people, and such moralists can back off, once they have wound someone up so as they’re in a rage, ready to hit someone, and say, “I see John is struggling with his sins,” in an unctuous tone of condescension and superiority.

This is why people roll their eyeballs when people say things like “Jesus was the most revolutionary idea in history”—we can see a stuck up prig coming. Now go fuck yourself.

Here’s a dangerous idea, one not often adumbrated: the entire Christian message was corrupted by Paul, as Nietzsche twigged intellectually and the Muslims worked out through intuition, so that all Western Christianity has been a perversion of Christ’s message—which, in fact, was only for the Jews; so that when you eat his body and drink his blood you take the sins of the Jews upon you, so “lightening their load” (and removing the spiritual protection from other people, who so “accept Christ”, so the Jews can dominate the world).

So Christianity is, in fact, from the Devil (being a creation of the Jews)—it would explain why it’s such a miserable religion filled with spiteful, nasty, resentful people (as also twigged by Nietzsche).

Now that’s a dangerous idea you don’t hear very often.


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