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As related, when I was on the train to Hartsfell I was accompanied by many Orthodox Jews—who changed trains with me onto a minor branch line through rural Scotland. This itself was synchronistic—there just aren’t that many Jews in rural Scotland (and they ended up in my carriages twice). As I looked out the train window and had a vision of Christ crucified, his blood flowing down the hills, I found myself surrounded at every side by the children of the Orthodox Jews—both behind and next to me, boys and girls, staring at me in their little striped smocks (somehow redolent of their uniform at Auschwitz). Later that night, I saw the supernatural entities at Hartsfell. To me, the vision’s message is clear: the Jews must accept Christ.

Jews who do not accept Christ are Satanic. Orthodox Jews who make a sincere effort to study the Torah and search for the Messiah are okay so long as they recuse themselves from the societies they live in and do not engage in politics or public affairs. Jews who do not do so are agents of Satan and should be treated as hostile. Hence, for example, Jews were largely behind the foundation of the Tavistock Clinic (itself located in Hampstead, home to Britain’s intellectual Jewry). It was Jewish psychiatrists and psychoanalysts who shaped its early policy (the Jews often “mentor” people, such as the psychiatrist RD Laing, to achieve their goals). Hence transgenderism is largely a Jewish notion, the idea being to create a Satanic parody of the image of God (the divine hermaphrodite)—the goal is assisted by Freemasonry, other secret societies, that are in league with Satan.

Israel is a Satanic state and the centre of international demonic intrigue and must be dismantled and once again called Palestine—and ruled by either a Christian or Muslim governor. The persecution of the Muslims and Christians in Israel must cease—Israel is supported by the so-called “Christian” West, even as it persecutes Christians. “Christian Zionism” is a Satanic lie to help the Jews avoid Christ—cultivated for their temporal interests.

Further, the Gospel is not preached in almost any church now existent, perhaps in only a handful—almost all bowed to Satan centuries ago. In Christian terms, most people are damned because they have signed themselves into a pact with Satan, with worldly success (the number of the beast being “666”—it stands for worldly success in esoteric terms, as opposed to “333”, the highest spiritual awakening). The Gospel is not preached because people fear persecution.

How can you say this when you yourself are not a Christian? I think the death and resurrection took place—as did the miracles. However, I think that there are saviour figures for different racial groups—even Christians concede blood purity is important, hence they trace Christ’s line to David. I think that in the latter stages of the kali-yuga “universal saviours” emerge—Christ, Buddha, Muhammad. This is in accord with the general decomposition of the cosmos.

Hence the Buddha is mainly for Indians, Muhammad is mainly for Arabs, Christ is mainly for the Jews—however, due to degraded conditions, “anyone” can adopt their paths (though the religion will be an ill-fitting shoe, for religion must really accord with your blood—except the precise religions are lost). The parallels between the religions, pointing to a primordial tradition, are many and varied—for example, the Hindus hold that at the end of the kali-yuga Kalki will return on his white steed, Devadatta, and the Christians, per Revelation, hold that Christ will return on a white horse (hence the notable “conspiracy” book Behold a Pale Horse—a book that is wrong in its literal assertions that the US government did deals with aliens in return for certain technologies, but right in the sense that the US government has trafficked with Satan and demons to attain certain powers—further, the book’s general framework is actually too “anti-racist” and democratic). This I know.


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09 abr 2023

If you want Israel to be dismantled and ruled by either a Christian or Muslim governor that's easy, just cut off all the funds they get from USA. They won't last more than five more minutes.

Me gusta
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