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I look around me and everywhere I see hate, envy, malice, and greed—why?

Because people are afraid. People who are afraid are angry—and angry people hate, they hate other people and they hate themselves.

Why are they afraid? They are afraid to die. They know they must die—they know they cannot avoid it. This terrifies them. So they are afraid. So they are angry. So they hate and envy others as distraction—because when you are angry you are not afraid, you fight others but, really, you want to fight death. And they are greedy, because when you over-indulge you do not feel afraid—you blot it out.

Yet death is not real.

It is only the most real thing there is as a constraint to this material life—but, in the final analysis, it is not real.

Once you understand this is true you can love—because people only refuse to love because they are afraid to die, because they want to survive at any cost. Because they have no courage—because they are afraid to die.

Yet death is not real—and I know that is so, I know from what I have seen at Hartsfell and the Rollright Stones.

Death is not real.

The world is filled with hate, envy, malice, and greed because people are afraid. They are afraid to die—they are afraid to die to themselves.

Yet death is not real.

Love is real. * is real.


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