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The right thinks that the problem with the West is that it is “cucked”—cuckolded, a word that causes them so much emotional discomfort that they cannot write it out in full.

Cuckoldry is an act of aggression by one man against another man, same as if he hit him and stole his car—because the woman is his property.

Western men are not “cucked” by other men—by other races or nations.

They are vain—because they are feminised, hence controlled by women.

They are vain like women—they are narcissists.

The right worries about “cuckoldry” because they are vain and fear that it might happen to them—and so shatter their self-image.

That self-image being vanity—narcissism.

To focus on “cuckoldry” is to focus on the idea that men need to fight each other—to fight off the man who would steal your woman, or, perhaps, to steal a woman yourself.

So people who think this way want to be two men fighting over a woman—which a woman loves.

It is to be dominated by the woman—by the need to control sexual resource, the source of all war on the Darwinian account.

The woman is portrayed as innocent in all this—but she is the hidden instigator.

To have an excessive concern about cuckoldry is to be driven by women—to be instigated to fight over women.

The right also talks about cuckoldry a lot because they want to do it themselves—and, perhaps, being more adventurous and masculine, would do it (at the same time they fear it).

But the problem is the same as Pandora’s box and the same as Eve—it’s vanity fair.

Until the West shatters its vanity—which soaks the whole of the West, from selfies to excessive interest in your race—it will not improve at all.

The enemy is vanity, not cuckoldry.

Burn your reputation.


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