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I follow Cicero in this matter—and Cicero said sex should be for reproduction, not pleasure. The Christians say the same, but I don’t follow them because Christianity also holds that sex is the source for all sin and so it has a sensuous relationship to it where it hates it but is fascinated with it at the same time.

This tendency finds its most perfect expression in monasticism, where monks look at young noviciates with sensuous lips and then flagellate themselves with whips in their cells. Oh to kiss those young lips like wine! I want to but I can’t—I’m bad just to think so, bad, bad, dirty. Urgh. Ur-gh.

The monks were all notorious buggers, when they weren’t slacking off on the hard work done by other people—they were a narrow-minded cabal that kept information locked down. The Vatican Library still keeps its secrets—what are we not allowed to know? And who knows how many secrets the envious monks destroyed over the years—or distorted. It’s only the same today—how much is kept veiled…

I just recapitulate Nietzsche: “It’s bad, it’s dirty, it’s terrible—let’s dwell on it all the time, did I have a ‘naughty’ thought? I’m bad, but it’s good to be bad—where is my whip?”. I think if you do something wrong, just don’t do it again—or do it less often; and that you should aim to be moderate in all things, even your moderation.

Sex should be for reproduction, women should be modest—but that is a practical point. I don’t want a moral inquisition that examines every statue to see if it will provoke “lewd thoughts” in a person. I just want commercial pornography and sites like OnlyFans shut down, for marriage to be reset to where it was before 1830—and for the brothels to be opened on a legal basis, as they were under the Christian bishops, so that men can relieve themselves of their sexual boredom in marriage without destroying the marriage.


The Christian god is modelled on an Oriental despot. It’s like Prince of Persia—the Shah might shower you in gold or he might say to his burly Nubian bodyguards, “Throw him into the bottomless pit!”. You do something wrong, you’re stained, you better grovel—you better throw yourself face down on the floor and grasp his ankles in supplication. “Oh please, oh Shah of Shahs, forgive me—have mercy!”.

Whether or not the Shah has mercy on you rather depends on his whims—and whatever way you cut it, this is a religion that revels in slave-like obedience. You never know if you’re forgiven or not—did you grovel enough? Were you sorry enough? Did you beg enough? You can’t know—that’s the potentate’s prerogative.

It’s the power the priests hold over you—it’s how they keep you on the hook. You’re stained, you see—in your mind. It doesn’t stop the Catholic priests from enjoying their choir boys, of course—nor the monks from enjoying their noviciates. And even if they never touch…there’s the exquisite tension that comes from the whole atmosphere…

The Christian religion is the same as Soviet Communism—under Communism the state owns everything, hence there is equality; under the Christian religion, the Church promulgates a single god—so there is spiritual equality. As with the woke today, Christianity arrived when an empire was on its last legs, destroyed its monuments, and distorted its history—with lies.

Although in abeyance today, all Christian sects desire to achieve state power and suppress all other religions and sects—hence the Christian religion opposes excellence in spiritual affairs, just as Soviet Communism opposed excellence in economic affairs.

It’s not like the god Mithras—the god that fights beside you, as if you were in a shield wall and he was an extra man at your side (or like a faithful dog). That was Mithras, god of the legions. It’s a more European way to engage with the divine, I think. And, of course, there are many gods like that…as many gods as there are stars in the heavens.


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