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This is a fundamental point, but it is so obvious you might miss it. The above logo is for a gender transition clinic run from Britain’s Tavistock Clinic in London, GIDS—the clinic is to be closed; and conservatives are very happy about it because it is Britain’s premier transition clinic for children and adolescents. The logo intimates that the trans are “gods”—an effect achieved by the way the “I” dissolves in multiple little atomic balls, as indeterminate as an individual’s personality. The eye naturally fills in the gap as “gods”, as with the Hebrew tradition where you write G-d in English transliteration. Another way to view this would be to say the logo implies “I am a god”, since the “I” is highlighted by its absence—and, further, since they deal with children, it is KIDS-GIDS; a nasal homophonic pun.

As noted before, the significance is that transgenderism inverts the mysterium coniunctionis—the union of masculine and feminine principles, their integration, that leads to spiritual insight; the process that opens the third eye. These surgeries and hormonal interventions treat the union of the masculine and feminine as a literal material operation, and hence represent an inverted priestcraft—a counter-initiation. “We shall become as gods.” The quote is biblical and not complimentary, especially if you know a little about good and evil—and yet this is precisely what the trans movement promises, albeit in an inverted way. Union with the Godhead becomes “GIDS”, we are become GIDS through technology—and it also does not escape me that it is one letter off “AIDS”; it is a condition, as with a regretted sex-change operation, that you have to live with for life.

Incidentally, the conservatives who celebrate that GIDS has closed are mistaken—and perhaps they are not innocently mistaken. It has not been closed down, it has been broken into regional units. Rather as with a burst monkey pox boil, the pus has spread across the body to fertilise new eruptions. Are conservatives so naïve—or do they just run cover for the wider machinations? Some of us are not so innocent—the closure is an acceleration, not a victory.

The GIDS saga is just a continuation as regards a theme, for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion spells as an acronym “DEI”. Perhaps so few people know Latin that they do not realise that this is the Latin for “God”, though, really, there are enough educated people about to know what it says. I mean, does it not strike you as an odd choice? “Oh, they’re being playful.” “It’s a silly joke.” “Don’t see anything in it, mate. So what?” Yet these things do not happen by accident, not at all—the person who devised that acronym knows what they did, and they did it for a particular reason. The message is clear: diversity is your God—blacks, homosexuals, and women must be worshipped as God. The name itself is a subtle desecration against what remains from the traditional religions—and that is intentional. <<It’s almost like the government is Satanic>> “Why yes, my child—how observant you are.”

Jordan Peterson likes to rearrange “DEI” as “DIE”. I am not sure what he hints at there: perhaps he wants God to die, since he fears the responsibilities implied by His existence—the respectable material path he would have to surrender; perhaps he thinks DEI wants straight white men to die; perhaps he wants DEI to die—perhaps there is some truth in all three interpretations, although personally I think number one is the truth in that particular case.

What would make DEI die? The sacred, for sure—a return to real initiation. It is only when people in the West say that they do not worship women, blacks, and homosexuals that there will be any improvement—the false God of weakness and perversity is not real. Until that time, since DEI is our official doctrine—our official belief system—we will worship diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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