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As often happens, I was right about an issue and then changed my mind in the wrong direction—in an attempt to be scientific, always a mistake. Hence I originally thought people are fat—people are very obese in the West, particularly America—because they are angry. Fat is unexpressed anger. Then I switched to an idea that most people are not responsible, so need to be effectively “owned”—perhaps true for other issues, but not for fat as such. Other explanations include the government-endorsed “food pyramid” and the idea that people cannot find the right food to eat and so eat until they are satiated (you can eat as many bags of Doritos washed down with Coke as you like and never feel satisfied).

However, fat is unexpressed anger. The more assertive you become, the less fat you will be. Who has trouble expressing their anger? Women. The West is feminised, America is the most feminised country in the world—ergo, America is the fattest. Americans are almost all unbearably polite and nice—like sugared doughnuts—although the flip-side is that they all hate each other and periodically snap and shoot up their schools and workplaces; or the obscenity leaks out on 4chan, it’s really acidulous and bitter because it’s all the anger from these unreal people who say, “Thank you, have a nice day,” because they are trained to do so like robots. Generally the politeness levels are off the scale in America—it always strikes me that they’re so nice, in public. That’s because Americans are colossally angry people.

So a change in diet or gym attendance will help—once you have a decent physique you will feel more assertive as a matter of course; although don’t fall into the “Cobra Tate trap” (Cobra Tate doesn’t express his anger, either). Gyms will not deal with the underlying issue. I have met good-looking, physically robust men—often evangelical Christians—who are still angry. That’s because they’re still in the feminine position.


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