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“Couples are wholes and not wholes, what agrees disagrees, the concordant is discordant.” So observed Heraclitus—and here’s how it relates to the ADL: the point to remember about the Jews is that they’re anti-fragile. What does “anti-fragile” mean? “Things that gain from disorder”.

It’s like a Middle Eastern souk—you walk through it and all is in turmoil, people gesticulate and haggle, but beneath that is an emergent order; it’s that very chaos that leads to order—and, if it’s in Syria, you can drop a barrel bomb on it and it will reform the next day and be more vibrant than ever. Because it gains from disorder.

Here’s another example: the Israeli Knesset is the most proportional parliament in the world, so far as I know. The whole country is a single constituency, if you win 1% of the votes you get 1% of the seats (very fair). Now that’s proportional representation. Consequently, Israeli politics is characterised by coalitions that fall apart all the time—because nobody has a majority and a government has to be stitched together from four or five parties (or conditional votes given from minor parties).

This means that small parties can dictate to big parties—hence Israel has lots of closing times for strict Jewish religious holidays, even though Zionism is secular, because the ultra-religious parties can dictate terms in exchange for their votes (even if they only have 7% of the national vote).

So, on the face of it, the Israeli Knesset, like a Middle Eastern souk, is total disorder—all this haggling, and changing, and constant elections…it must be chaos. But no, it’s anti-fragile—because the Jews are a race that gains from disorder, they thrive on it (like they thrive in the souk).

There’s an old saying, “Two Jews, three opinions,” and this is a joke about how Jews disagree and dispute all the time between themselves—haggle over things, you might say.

Again, anti-fragile—the constant disputes, with up to three opinions between two men, conceal total concordance; just like the souk’s “invisible hand” is formed from the chaotic emergent behaviour that looks terrible to outsiders, the constant dispute between Jews, the constant disagreements and fallings out in the Knesset, conceals a deep order—an order that relies on chaos to exist.

Remember: “Couples are wholes and not wholes, what agrees disagrees, the concordant is discordant.” When two people bicker all the time, like the proverbial old married couple, their relationship is stable—the marriage is anti-fragile because they bicker, it prevents them from experiencing Black Swan events (sudden split ups). The couple who never argues and who are totally “romantic” will be subject to a sudden “Black Swan” divorce or falling out—“We never expected it, they were so happy.” Actually, they’re just the type.


Women are also anti-fragile. Women thrive on chaos—feed on it. Women love drama, create drama when bored—and then suck male energy into it. This energy would otherwise be used for productive activities, but the woman makes a fuss until she is beaten or fucked (the same thing, essentially).

What she wants is for the man to “whack” some energy (sperm) into her in a “chaotic” act (sex, also like death, is chaos) so as to create life. So the woman brings chaos until she is satiated with the chaos of sex (or a slap—which is the same thing, can be involved in sex); and that, like a chaotic souk, creates life.

This is why women are actually not “fragile roses”, that is the male romantic imagination; rather, women are perennial (not eternal) and what is perennial is close to nature—women like to think of themselves as “survivors” because they are “the great survivors” (like “holocaust survivors”); the more you “rough them up”, the more their power grows.

A woman is in her element surrounded by drama and chaos—and she feeds on that, becomes stronger because of it. The more you slap her, the more she likes it (whereas the harder you slap a man, the more cautious he becomes—you drive a man off with chaos).

The Jews are the same—they want you to slap them. The Jews feed on chaos, like the Middle Eastern souks from which they came. The more the Jews are persecuted, the stronger they become—they’re a feminine race, right? Just like women, they feed on chaos—they provoke you until you hit them and then they utilise that energy.

It follows from this that Jews will disagree a lot over the recent ADL brouhaha—but, really, this disagreement reflects an emergent concordance, an occult Schelling point, around which the Jews are in total agreement. Because the more they disagree…the more they agree. It’s the same with women, the more they chatter and bitch about each other…the more they form a single fem-bot (the female Leviathan).

So you’ll hear Jews say a lot about the ADL, for and against, but be assured that they’re all on the same page—just like there’s an emergent order to that souk; and, in fact, that emergent order depends on their disagreement, needs chaos—that’s how, really, Andrea Dworkin and the Ultra-Orthodox rabbi are on the same page (despite the kvetching—kvetching is meta-stability, with a side order of matzo balls).


Europeans, by contrast, don’t babble at each other all the time like a lot of old women. What does that mean? Europeans have greater distance between each other in their views and opinions than Jews or women. That’s because Europeans are a more individual race, we’re individuated—so we’re not anti-fragile, that’s because we understand that it is natural to die and rejoin eternity.

We stand for absolute order, eternal order, not order that is created through chaos—we stand for that which is above nature.

This is why the Jews are associated with Methuselah—the Wandering Jew, he’s ancient; he never dies. The Jews aren’t “eternal”, per Hitlerite propaganda, they’re perennial. The eternal world exists above matter, but the Jews are totally enmeshed in matter and refuse to die—hence Einstein pushes matter and time together, to sink eternity into matter (a Satanic act). The eternal is above and separate from the perennial—the Jews are only within nature, not that which is eternal.

The Jews, like Methuselah, refuse to die—because they have a great greed for the material world, for the souk. That’s why they want to create the AI golem, to upload the mind via neural link—they think that way they’ll live forever; and they’ll destroy the entire natural world to do so; because, just like a woman, their greed knows no bounds—even if it destroys the whole planet.


So there’s more disagreement between individual Europeans (Nordics) than between Jews—because we’re not as ethnocentric, and we’re individuated (we have souls—unlike the other races, which are soulless; because they are not children of *). It is because we have souls we have a union with eternity, whereas the other races do not—all they understand is matter, all they can worship is Satan.

Again, “Couples are wholes and not wholes, what agrees disagrees, the concordant is discordant.” Europeans are more reserved, so you might think that means we agree more—actually, there are wider gaps between us. It’s the same as with a fight—you know a fight might start when everyone goes silent, but when there’s a lot of chatter, even if people say aggressive things, there’s no real threat. Europeans tend to be more silent because we’re serious people who commune with that which is eternal—the silent mystery.

It’s reflected in politics too. The British Parliament, in theory, is meant to be organised so that individual MPs arrive and have their own views, independent of party or constituency, and act as individuals. The Knesset, by contrast, is organised so that various gangs get together and cut deals—it’s totally fair though, you only need 1% to get a seat (everyone is represented, in the tribe). That’s the difference between Europe and Asia—between the aristocrat and the merchant, between tribe and individual.

It’s notable Keith Woods raised the whole ADL issue—because he’s Irish and the Irish are ethnocentric like the Jews (outside the Hajnal line). They’re not really Europeans, that’s why like JFK (rigged election) and Biden (rigged election) they act like gangsters (like the Jews and the southern Italians, in fact). They know when another “gang” is on their turf, though—in this case, the Jews; but they’ll never beat them, because the Jews are more intelligent than the Irish.


We can infer a few points: first, it’s a mistake to persecute the Jews or even to fight with them—because they want you to fight with them to steal your energy. Just like women, the Jews are agents of chaos—the more you beat them, the more powerful they grow.

Just like women, they lie all the time (as warned about in Brothers Grimm, Europeans often fall under the spell of a “clever Jew”—their various lies include Christianity, Marxism, and psychoanalysis; the commonality is a concern with fairness and an unhealthy relation to sex, being either fanatically demonised or worshipped as “the solution to everything”).

So the best thing to do with Jews is to ignore them—it makes them weak. The problem is that, as with women, being a dependent people, if you move away from them they’ll just chase after you, perhaps even “love bomb” you. At some point, you might crack and give them a quick bang for short-term pleasure (take out a high-interest loan, perhaps)—but as with many one-night stands, it’s often not so easy to escape…

The basic point is that Jews have no religion—they have caricature religions, like Marxism and Christianity, which are based off magic they stole from the ancient Egyptians (Aryans). Tantra is the same as kabbalah but it’s thousands of years older, and it’s Indo-Aryan—it’s another thing the Jews nicked off us and then sold back to us (except cheap and shoddy, like a knock-off Chinese own-brand iPad).

Due to the fact they’re only perennial, not eternal, the Jews have intelligence (like a shrewd scheming woman) but they have no intuition—which is ultimately higher than intelligence, nor are they truly conscious (they are not really self-conscious if you watch them; as with women, they cannot see what they are objectively—if they did, they would die of shame).

Further, they cannot access the absolute personality nor the siddhis associated with it—these confer certain powers, like the ability to walk on water (Jesus, as the son of a Roman legionary and a Jewish whore, could access these powers to an extent via his Aryan blood).

The Jews, like women, are agents of chaos—and they predominate today because we live in the Age of Aquarius, the age of dissolution (chaos). There is more to life than this plane of existence, despite the lies put about by the atheist Christians and Marxists (Christians deny the gods, so being the first modern atheists). Soon the vimanas will return and wipe clean this age of dissolution—for European man, our interest should be in eternity, not the grubby machinations of women and Jews.


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