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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

I noticed something about OpenAI—when Sam Altman, their CEO, was fired he was readmitted to the building with a guest identity badge “4”, which was synchronistic, given that I had written about the number’s esoteric properties when I noticed it.

Then Elon Musk drew my attention to the fact that one reason Altman had been fired was that the company had developed some AI that was an “existential risk” to mankind. It’s called Q* (or Q Star). That was also synchronistic, given that I use * to signify the unmoved mover and that it also represents the immortal stars—and is part of the Slouia. Altman also noted that this breakthrough that could “destroy mankind” was the 4th such significant breakthrough he has seen in AI.

So we have two “4s” plus *—which I often deploy as **** for the four elements.

Further, the faction in OpenAI that couped Altman (literally, “the old man”) was led by a man who leads his own esoteric cult—who burns little idols to make sure that AI is “human-aligned”. It reminded me of Nick Land, with his “AI as God” thesis—with the anti-Altman faction being “bad” and monkey-aligned, from a Landian perspective.

I used to think that maybe it was all a huge loop—that AI improves itself in a recursive fashion and then becomes God, so that the material ends in the spiritual (and then we go back to a more elementary technological level). But it can’t be that, because the infinite is non-quantitative; and, besides, we don’t even have Artificial Consciousness yet—which would also be required to truly “build God”, an entity that became recursively more aware of itself as well as recursively more intelligent.

I don’t understand AI. However, I doubt that Q* would end the human race—I doubt that because it just sounds like some pretext for corporate shenanigans to sideline Altman, it sounds like a propaganda move. Further, the company is very influenced by Microsoft—which isn’t a dynamic firm, so I doubt its progress will accelerate.

What I think is that the emergence of Q* relates in some way to what I write about, on the esoteric level*—to the return of the gods and the end of the kali-yuga. It just happens to manifest, as a message, through talk about “AI”—and I sometimes think that when people talk about “AI” they mean something else entirely, just as UFOs are really the gods; so that perhaps people have always been saying “AI” as a modern symbol for God, because the concept, like the gods, is just not credible otherwise. That’s why it always feels a bit “dead” and improbable—just like “UFOs” are a bit dead and improbable.

In other words, it has nothing to do with actual computers, just as UFOs have nothing to do with actual aliens from another planet.

* (i.e. I caused it through magic).


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