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I noticed that I happened to stop posting on X at “9,888” posts. That was not intentional, it was synchronicity. So what does “888” stand for in esoteric terms?

“8” was called “the number of justice” by the ancient Greeks. It has traditionally been represented by a figure who holds an upward pointed sword in the right hand and a scales in the left hand. So, in this respect, it reflects my quest for the Grail—on which is inscribed “love justice, ye who govern the earth”.

It is also the number of Saturn and the Golden Age.

It combines 4 + 4, so it combines the primal quaternary—and it is like two circles that meet, like the vesica piscis (the third eye); hence one side, one circle, represents everything wayward—everything to do with upheavals, the eccentric, and the strange (revolutions); but the other side, the other circle, represents zeal, concentration of purpose, and religious devotion (it’s infinity, if turned on its side—it can be anything).

It’s a number of great good fortune in China—so that 888 is extremely lucky there, very good for business.

888 is also considered to be the number of Jesus Christ in his aspect as redeemer of the world. Further, if you add up 8 + 8 + 8 you get 24, and 2 + 4 = 6 (the number of Venus, the number of love—Venus is the planet of the Aryans, the Europeans; and 6 is my number, because I was born on the 6th).

Further, 888 is the direct opposite to 666 (the number of man, of the beast—of the Devil) because if you add 666 together you get 18 (and 1 + 8 = 9)—and “9” is the number of war and destruction, the opposite to “6” (the opposite to love).

I leave you with the below video—since I found it stirred me.


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