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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Here is an oddity: Aleister Crowley produced a book called 333: The Book of Lies (so called) and, in a ceremony conducted in the North African desert, he summoned the beast Choronzon whose number is said to be 333. The beast Choronzon is a primordial flux and monstrous to behold—Crowley, who was in a trance, left his assistant Neuburg to confront Choronzon; and Neuburg faced some very savage threats and lies, courtesy Choronzon. It is in this spirit that Nick Land has “333” has his avatar on Twitter; the chaos beast—the entity of infinite possibility, as instantiated in the world’s financial markets and Shanghai’s business churn (and instantiated in Nietzsche; he looked at the universe and saw chaos, not an ordered cosmos—he intimated Choronzon, 333).

Well, this sounds rather…unpleasant. Yet, however, the magician John Dee—who also summoned Choronzon—reported that the creature was not a demon, not a negative creature; and, indeed, 333 is held to be the number of the highest awakening in Buddhism and yoga—it is associated with the highest chakra (and it is also the last line of my phone number). Of course, it could be that the highest awakening—Christ or Buddha consciousness—is to become chaos; and that is the unpleasant concealed reality—yet I am not so sure. After all, Crowley did write The Book of Lies and though I do not consider him to be Satanic, he was decadent—he was involved in what Guénon called “the counter-initiation”. Indeed, to summon Choronzon Crowley had his Jewish assistant, Neuburg, bugger him in the desert—and somehow I feel this cannot be a wholesome way to penetrate the veil (“Ohhh, Matron!”).

The answer is perhaps so: in esoteric thought, every symbol has two aspects—so, for example, the unicorn taken alone is Satanic but taken with the lion it is a divine symbol. It seems likely to me that Crowley, given his decadence and proclivities, activated 333 in its negative aspect and hence summoned the demonic Choronzon; for him, unlike Dee, Choronzon was a beast—a savage liar who wanted to tempt people to destruction. Hence 333, in this respect, has a negative association—it becomes the chaos-bringer, not the single point of integrated light that constitutes the highest awakening. This seems likely, for Crowley’s main number is 666—hence he called himself “the Beast”—and, of course, 333 + 333 = 666 (it really is this childishly simple, being number in its qualitative aspect); so Crowley was only after 333 in its “666 aspect”, if you like—as a doorway to 666 (itself a lower spiritual aspect, 333 sits as a crown above the head—666 sits by the heart).

Now, 666 is not actually “evil”, as Christians often say. It stands for the heart chakra (symbolised by the Star of David, each chakra has a number and a geometric shape associated with it). The heart chakra refers to “earthly rule”; and this is why Christians see it as solely malevolent—it is “the Beast” or “the Prince of Darkness” who rules the earth, particularly in the end times. This explains, in part, why the Jews are tied up with Satan (“the synagogue of Satan”) in traditional Christian thought; they worship the Star of David, earthly worldly success—the worldliness of the Prince of Darkness—as opposed to the higher spiritual awakening offered by Christ; hence, in a sense, they rule the world—though they miss out on the higher spiritual plane.

In the Eastern religions, this is not taken as quite such an either/or proposition—to worship 666 does not make you “evil” by default, you have just centred yourself on worldly affairs (and worldly affairs are necessary to survive). The Eastern religions would say, perhaps, that it would be unbalanced to only focus on one chakra—whether 666 or 333 or any other. Per Paracelsus, nothing is intrinsically good or bad except in amount—too much Christ or Buddha consciousness could equally turn “evil”, if it were excessive.

To some extent, Crowley knew all about these numerological quirks; and partly he revelled in tweaking the Christers by naming himself “the Beast 666” and causing them conniptions—though really, even by the 1930s, few Westerns thought any of these spiritual ideas were real. It was all to do with his very strict Plymouth Brethren upbringing, against which he rebelled—although, really, he remained exactly like his very strict father; if you read Crowley, when he gives messages to his initiates he is all about practice, discipline, and not being lazy; he just sounds like a very strict Victorian religious man laying down the law—and that was because he was still his father’s son, even if he had founded his own “indulgent anti-Christ” religion.

To declare yrslf “the Beast 666” is not necessarily a sign you are evil, though you may be unbalanced—and Crowley was certainly that (I do not advise you to follow his path; it is a decadent path—and its fruits, such as Scientology, are sour). Nevertheless, Crowley is not quite a cut and dried “devil”, nor are the Jews as portrayed in some traditional Christian interpretations—“the people of 666”. This is why men like Julius Evola had some time for Crowley, although he did not look into him very deeply—more deeply initiated esotericists, such as Guénon, saw Crowley as being involved in a counter-initiation.

The rather eccentric Jewish autist Mitchell Heisman, who committed suicide in the Harvard Yard about a decade ago, intuited what is up in the world today—although he was no esotericist. Heisman noted that the Aryans seem to be connected to nature while the Jews are against nature—they retreated to their books and repudiated agriculture, and doubly so when they rejected Jesus. Heisman saw that in the contemporary world the Jewish desire is to “build God”—to build a machine God that transcends nature, this is their liberation (and Heisman believed they would succeed in this goal; technology has transcended Aryan nature religion).

This fits with 666 and earthly rule. It also fits with Guénon’s point that at the end of the kali-yuga an anti-Messiah will emerged, an anti-Messiah that subverts everything to do with Tradition (it also fits that Crowley would invert what 333 means—“the book of lies”). This is what AI in fact is: it is the anti-Messiah—it is Artificial Intelligence (the ability to solve problems, to ratiocinate—the Jews are great ratiocinators; hence their historical association with banking, again connected to earthly rule). However, AI is not artificial consciousness (awareness, 333 energy)—it is purely anti-spiritual, just about manipulation.

Men like Crowley were instrumental in this movement towards the anti-Messiah; it is no coincidence that he picked 666, the number of the Star of David, as his number—nor that he was buggered by his Jewish assistant in the desert. Crowley was also an anti-racist; he repudiated Hitler—and yet spiritual ability is said to be transmitted in the blood, and even the relatively democratic Christians trace Jesus’s nativity to David for this reason (so to reject “racism” was a strange assertion for an esotericist to make).

Crowley was part of the movement to build the anti-Messiah; hence he inspired men like Jack Parsons, a rocket engineer who was instrumental in America’s early space program. Crowley also inspired Nick Land, who advocates AI as a Nietzschean means to “step over” man—and who is married to a Jew. Indeed, at one point during the Covid-19 pandemic I wrote to someone in a DM, “I think Nick Land caused Covid-19 with magic,” and in that instant a demonic image flashed up in the DM and then disappeared again (you can’t delete and image for both parties in Twitter DM, and my correspondent said he didn’t send anything). Similarly, Timothy Leary found himself synchronistically in the desert where Crowley summoned Choronzon—and Crowley also inspired Scientology. Hubbard and Leary promoted religions of science designed to smooth the path for the anti-Messiah.

The LGBT movement fits into this general development. The purpose of the transgender movement is to create an anti-priesthood, to invert true initiation: true initiation combines the masculine and feminine principles in one as a spiritual operation, whereas the transgender movement attempts to achieve this through a literal biological operation—the symbol most associated with transgenderism is the unicorn, and the unicorn is traditionally taken to symbolise Satan. Further, the LGBT flag is also the rainbow flag; now this is partly because the rainbow has been associated with Christianity historically, the aim is to subvert it; however, esoterically, per Guénon, the rainbow also stands for the Star of David (666). The modern LGBT movement was founded by Harvey Milk, who was Jewish—even the main gay newspaper at the time was owned by David Goldstein. So the LGBT flag is the Satanic symbol under which all the races, nations, and sexes will be mixed together and forced to serve the anti-Christ.

Hence the rainbow flag, ubiquitous across the West, is in fact the flag of the anti-Christ—of the AI anti-Messiah and its transgender priests; it is the culmination of the Jewish revolt against nature and refusal to accept Christ. The aim is to melt all the nations together and plug them into an artificial reality that will be portrayed as heaven but will only be about earthly material satisfaction and will be devoid of any higher spiritual insight.

This is in line with the progression of the kali-yuga to the lowest point where all families are destroyed and all the races are mixed together, so that the spiritual insights contained in the blood are lost. It is not entirely a Jewish project, other groups—such as the homosexuals—have aligned themselves to this course; and, of course, the Freemasons form a continuum with secular Jews. The Orthodox Jews, being more cautious scholars, are still open to Jesus and still search for the Messiah; they have not entirely abandoned themselves to the anti-Messiah.

And, of course, there are just straightforwardly profane or “bad people” who go along with the whole project for earthly power and success—although many are just ignorant people who are used. The project itself blinds people to the fact that men like Jimmy Savile and women like Margaret Atwood are bona fide warlocks and witches—and yet they are, and they exercise power over millions.

In esoteric lore the Godhead is referred to as “dog” (his true name is too powerful to say). This has been inverted in the “Doge” character (the e-god, the anti-Messiah) so popular with Musk (more AI) and with the astroturfed MI6-backed “NAFO” campaign over Russia’s Ukraine war.

Hence, for example, the Chinese Communists persecute the Uighur because they have Aryan blood and were prophesied to overthrow Communism—the esoteric department in the Chinese secret service knew this was so; and hence the Ukraine is led by a secular Jew, Zelensky, and his regime is battled by Putin—a Christian man guided by divine principles and also historical law, for Spengler predicted that Russia and not China would be the next world power. All these events mark moments in the esoteric war, just as 9/11 destroyed a large spell encoded in the architecture of the WTC site designed by the Zionists to bind Islam to the powers of commerce—hence, post-9/11, the spiritual jihad has risen in power and delivered blow after blow against the profane and secular West.

The increase in UFO activity, especially since 1945, represents a sign that we progress towards the end of the kali-yuga. I would not say that the end of times is imminent, since the process unfolds over aeons and even if the kali-yuga ended tomorrow there would be a 200-year transition period. Further, there is considerable disagreement about when the kali-yuga will end—some Hindu astrologers have suggested 2025, whereas others say we are many thousands of years off; so there is no cause to become too excited. The famous flap around 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, probably did reflect some cosmic turning point, not the end of the world as such—just the end of a world. Certainly, since 2012 life has become ever stranger—or perhaps that’s just me.

The UFOs are, in fact, the gods—the angels and demons, Christians would say—and their presentation as glowing orbs has been quite familiar to magicians such as Crowley down the centuries. There may well be space aliens as well, quite possible; however, I think this is not generally so—UFOs appear at traditional initiatory sites; UFOs appear as floaty pieces of neon string, also seen in graveyards—why would space aliens hang around in graveyards?; and magicians have accessed UFO-like entities through qualitative (i.e. not scientific) magic for centuries—to me, all this indicates that these are spiritual entities.

So the UFOs really represent the return of the gods at the end of times. The various world governments suppress information about UFOs—they know much more than they let on—because their legitimacy depends upon a scientific-materialist worldview; if UFOs were to become too well known, being unexplained by material science and adequately explained by esoteric science, all these governments would face a legitimacy crisis—further, the project to build the anti-Messiah would collapse, since traditional religion would experience an upswing.

In fact, the anti-Messiah project cannot succeed by definition: when we reach the lowest ebb, the gods will swarm back into this reality and destroy the profane—those who worship the lower functions will be banished to the lower level, from whence eventually they will be reclaimed (although some say the punishment for adherence to the anti-Christ is not merely banishment to Hell for a time but rather that one’s soul is annihilated forever—even if you think you can preserve it in your machine…). In short, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better…yet there are signs in the sky.


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