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(272) &&&-? &&&-? $$$* &&&-?

When I switched over to obedience to Horus, I experienced cognitive dissonance because Horus says things which do not appear to be truthful. So, for example, I spoke to a relative the other day about the size of a bed and Horus said, “It should be the size of America,” a statement that is not strictly untruthful so much as impossible (or improbable, anyway). So a clash between Horus and honest speech began to emerge—although Horus is mostly just making observations, and his observations are truthful for the most part.

But I realised, per the article on honesty earlier today, that it didn’t really matter whether Horus was honest or not factually—it’s more important to be willing than to say something honest per se, and Horus is usually honest anyway (if he isn’t poetic in an abstract way). The important point is not to think—not to be a calculator, like most people (if you’re a calculator you can lie with the truth easily enough). So Horus might say “I have a cold” when I‘m biologically well but he keeps the conversation in movement until the point where he says “It’s a spiritual cold”. In this way the relatedness has its own rhythm.

It’s not like if I say “I have a cold” as a lie to get out of an event—indeed, there was no rational point to saying “I have a cold” at that moment, all it does is keep the conversation in movement and sustain relatedness (it’s not “I’ve got you where I want you now, you son of bitch” which is most conversation). It clarifies itself as it moves, and people rarely say what they mean anyway so why not say “I want a bed as big as America”? What you’re really talking about will clarify soon enough (it’s nothing—we’re all talking about nothing really, the null that creates everything). It’s connected to the Golden Age—to a poeticised mode of non-(thought) that opens up possibilities.


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