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Updated: Apr 13, 2023

I’m convinced there’s an afterlife—with punishment and reward for good and bad behaviour, probably not strictly related to what you do so much as what was in your heart when you did it (I think it’s possible to do things that are technically “bad” in an innocent way, and technically “good” in a wicked way). I think this is so because I have encountered 7-foot-tall invisible creatures that bellowed like a bull next to me and which pounded their hoofs on my head (along with glowing orbs of light that read my mind and played heavenly music to me).

However, I still can’t say for sure that I know there’s an afterlife. It seems highly likely, given that what I’ve seen seems to conform to what most of the world’s religions report—yet I still couldn’t say for sure (even though it seems to me that we probably go “back to the light” in the end, just like people have always said). I can’t say for sure because I haven’t been there—never seen. So it’s still possible that what I’ve seen could be: a. camouflage for aliens that have lived on this planet for ages; b. a natural phenomenon that mimics certain aspects of reality for humans—perhaps like a living volcano, or even an unknown species; c. supernatural entities—yet it turns out that man is not that important, we were never a “main player” (that was our delusion) and there is no continuation for us anymore than there is for an ant.

These are all possible. I haven’t seen the afterlife, I haven’t ascended to the heavens—so, despite what I’ve seen, I can’t say that there is an afterlife for sure (even now). All I can say is that it seems very likely, since my experiences conform to the general account given by various prophets and sages down the ages—it’s enough for me to be convinced. Yet still, in all honesty, I can’t say that I know.


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