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When Herbert Marcuse characterised “free speech” as “repressive tolerance” and, in essence, suggested that only progressive speech characterised “free speech” he replicated the dynamic between pagans and Christians—in that case, the Christians said that pagan tolerance wasn’t “true tolerance” because people had to worship the “one God” to be truly religious; hence the pagans engaged in “repressive tolerance” and when people were forced to go to church that was “love”—real love, like real tolerance, is when you force someone to do something (or not, it’s only if it’s twisted round to suit your ends that it’s like that).

Today the conservatives are like the pagans of old—even though they stand for Christianity, in its residual cultural form, their basic stance is aristocratic (they want to protect the family, for example—which Jesus wouldn’t be too worried about, he told people to abandon their families if necessary and fight with their brothers; “no contact”, as the trans say today—it’s the same MO). Yet conservatives, just like pagans, hold on to the delusion that somehow their opponents will “play fair”, “do a deal”, and “compromise”—after all, they talk about “tolerance” (liberals) and “love” (Christians) all the time.

It’s a delusion: they’re fanatics, for them you’re “evil”, a “demon-worshipper”, or a “total racist”. It doesn’t matter if you have Christ in your pantheon, say he’s divine, or have a black guy in a senior position—you’re still damned, you haven’t embraced the “true faith”. Just like the Christians, progressives do passive-aggressive things like sit-down protests or burning down city blocks (Nero knew) and then when the police-centurions finally snap they scream, “It’s abuse and oppression!” (and look pathetic, like a manipulative woman—“We’re only doing this because we love you.”). Partly, it’s because the Jews were mostly, if not entirely, behind Christianity and they’re also behind progressivism—and they think like women. There is no point tolerating people who won’t tolerate you—yet modern pagans, the conservatives, have learnt no better.


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