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Life is war—and war requires camouflage, deception, and misdirection. Since life is war it follows that the most effective entity in existence will also be the most war-like—hence the Godhead is the most adept entity in existence as regards camouflage, deception, and misdirection. In fact, it is so adept at these activities that it has even hidden from itself—and that is why people find it hard to detect evidence that there is a Godhead.

It conceals itself to play a game with itself—the game is called “self-discovery”. I don’t like TS Eliot but he summed it up very well when he said that, in the end, we will “return to the place from which we started, and know it for the first time.” This is the game the Godhead plays with itself; it starts in childhood innocence, an Eden, then falls into matter and forgets itself—only at the end, in the second childhood, does it remember itself again. It lost the place it started from to move through other iterations so that it could return to it and know it—for how could you know it if you never lost it? It is not possible. Every human life merely repeats this process in microcosm: you had it, but you didn’t know you had it, and now you will forget it and suffer—until you remember.

Carlos Castaneda speaks of the shaman as a “stalker”. It’s true—the shaman is a stalker, and what he stalks is God. He hunts the greatest hunter, the greatest warrior—the creature that lies in ambush hidden even from itself (its prey is itself—that is the game, to hunt itself). It’s why the shaman has to get very still, not move too much—you have to have stealth if you want to capture the beast. It is, perhaps, related to the expression “seek, and you shall find” (which I can assure you you will—if you really do seek). Life is war.


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