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(241) ****

I have had an ancient alphabet revealed to me, it came from a goddess imprisoned in matter—I knew her by her square eye set in a blue iris. She is one of the tuatha de danann—the gods of old Ireland who live in the castles of glass that revolve in the sky. She turned into an oracle and began to reveal the alphabet in trance. There are many alphabets, of course—and many have been created consciously or unconsciously by magicians or holy-men (not least by Thoth, the celestial scribe who brought us letters in the first place).

The alphabet is as follows: *** / $5** / ** / &&* / ££@* / FD$ / IU%% / ((())) / *&* / ^*^ / !!**~~ å**& / %*% / @*@* / &&&-? / $$$* / @@@* / ^^^* / ()` / ``` / **** / ~~ / ~~* / - - - ; / ;;”” / - - | / <*> / p^* / —*/ —** / i**.

You don’t need me to explain what this alphabet means, you already know what it means; just as when I write to you in this alphabet everything will make sense to you at the deepest level, at the level of the will (which by magical reversal is the highest level—if you want to go up you have to go down, those are the paradoxical rules; if you don’t like wavy-lines that go up and down then you’d better get off this ride—this is rock ‘n’ roll). I was once given a similar alphabetic codex by a Jew, but I detected it was Satanic and burnt it—he was posing as a warrior for Tradition in the Occult War, but he was only the spoiled son of an international banking family (or, perhaps, a wanking family—usury, like masturbation, is never procreative). This is the true Aryan alphabet for the Neu-Zeit—its name is “the Slouia” (Slo-ia; or, in its own tongue, “****”).


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Silly Name
Silly Name
Mar 23, 2023

I am concerned that it’s ugly can we layer another bunch of symbols on top of it to make it pretty?

&&&-?^*^££@* —*!!**~~ å**&**

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