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(98) Vaseelkoviy

A Russian lunatic with a skull and crossbones flag behind him claimed that the Ukraine is like a transgender person—the Ukraine has an identity crisis; it is Russian, yet it thinks it is trapped in another body. They act Russian, says the nutcase, they know they’re Russian really. I agree. The Ukrainians make a big fuss that “Europe has been invaded”—yet I feel the lady doth protest too much. The Ukrainians seem to act very much like the Russians to me—albeit Russians who are slightly more organised and together. The explanation for this situation can be taken to be that they are Russians—gender-confused Russians, in a manner of speaking.

In the same interview, the nutcase said that the Russians in Mariupol have knocked down a Holodomor memorial. Now, the whole Holodomor routine has never really taken off—yet it is instructive as to what the Ukrainians are. The Holodomor is the name given to the starvation famine overseen by Stalin in the Ukraine in the 1930s; however, it was originally transliterated as Haladamor—it was only in the 1980s that it was decided it was “Holodomor”. You know why—yes, that was when the Ukrainian nationalists decided to cash-in on that other popular franchise, “the holocaust”. You see, both start with “holo-“, so these are identical—and so you should give the Ukrainians every consideration shown to the Jews.

Well, people are that transparent. What this shows is that Ukrainian nationalism likes to play on pity; it is less about “glorious Ukraine” and more about “victim Ukraine” (pity us plz, we is little doge bonked on head). This is not a good sign, it is leftist—it is the left that wants statues to commemorate massacres, the right wants statues that celebrate glory. Beware of pity. The Holodomor cult indicates that the Ukrainian cause is leftist at core, being built around a pity cult and not an assertion of self-reliance. It fits with the general pattern in the conflict.


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