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Charles de Gaulle had a daughter with Down’s syndrome; if you look online, possibly on Reddit, you can find pictures of the General with his daughter—along with a sickly little passage about how the stentorian soldier would clown about with his darling disabled child, refused to have her committed to an institution as was then normal practice, and said, when she died, “Now she’s just like the others.” A true Hallmark moment. The centre-right likes this soppy meme because they fear being called Hitler above all; yet here is this relatively authoritarian man, de Gaulle, showing his softer side—not, you know, working out a “special action” for the disabled.

Ernest Hemingway was a drunk, but he was right when he said sentimental people are cruel—given that drunks are sentimental, perhaps he knew a thing or two about that himself. Sentimentality is cruel, the de Gaulle story is sentimental; ergo, de Gaulle was cruel. The kind thing to do would be to kill the child at birth—before birth. In actuality, de Gaulle kept her from an institution because it was his privilege to do so as a powerful man—most Down’s children went to institutions because the parents did not have nannies and chauffeurs; and, from my own experience, those long-lived Down’s children end up, when their parents are old, exploited and picked on by their carers—what the Catholic propaganda never shows. “Life”.

The right also likes the meme because it’s anti-abortion; except the left would oppose the eugenic abortion of Down’s children too. The left supports abortion to weaken men, the rationale being that women are “abused” by men and so need the power of life and death in their hands—so it can be used in a fit of pique. Women are live, sexually attractive victims—and men desperate for sex will always find ways to please them: live sex-capable victim > in utero disabled victim. Yet why not end the sentiment, why not ignore both “victims”?


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