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(90) Galooboy

The Russians continue to attack the Ukraine’s energy infrastructure; and this would be the right thing to do if they were, in fact, just in a war with the Ukraine—degrade the enemy’s ability to produce goods and services, ultimately to produce arms, and they will have to surrender sooner or later. Of course, the problem with this doctrine in this case is that the Russians are at war with America—the Ukraine’s arms production and budget have been outsourced to America. The weapons come from America—and even if the Ukraine’s actual economy collapsed the Americans are prepared to prop it up. So to attack the energy infrastructure is a waste of time (and energy).

You would think that the Russians would realise and change their strategy. However, people do not act that way; people struggle with the difference between de facto and de jure—conservative people, especially generals and bureaucrats, very much struggle with this difference; they will continue with what it says on paper, in theory, as practiced until the end. Reality does not interest them that much. So you can tell them that they really fight a war against America, but doctrinally they will try to defeat the Ukraine—perhaps, ultimately, they know they fight America really but have no other alternative and so will pretend that they just fight the Ukraine. So they will do what is necessary to defeat the Ukraine, per the optimal strategy for that task—the frightening reality is that they are outgunned.

Ultimately, the war might spread: it could draw in Iran-Israel via the mutual support those countries offer to both sides—and a distracted America with depleted military resources and finances devoted to the Ukraine would be unable to offer much help to Taiwan if China invaded (and North Korea, already running distraction for Russia with various drills, could choose the same moment to strike the South). For Russia, the question is whether the Asians are brave enough to seize the opportunity.


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