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(89) Aranzheviy

Rational Choice Theory holds that a bureaucrat will measure his success by the number of personnel his department employs; rather than, for example, building more and better roads he will seek to expand his budget and his personnel—since these are the true metrics on which he is measured and by which he compares himself to other bureaucrats. Hence even if a road-building program is meant to be a temporary arrangement the department created to build the road will go on forever—it will find something else to do, perhaps build a bridge to nowhere instead.

The same dynamic applies to religions, since, as with states, there is no market discipline to a religion. It follows from this fact that we should deeply distrust all established religions, just as we distrust government departments—as we distrusted the various transparent power-grabs over Covid-19. For whatever purpose the Jesuits or Franciscans were originally established—whatever “road” they were meant to build—it is unlikely they fulfil it now. Indeed, as with many government departments, they may do the opposite to what they purport to do—the NHS makes you sick, certain religious orders may damn you to Hell.

This is fairly obvious when you consider the various scandals that periodically rock the Churches; although exaggerated by progressive propaganda there is usually truth to them—even if schools and state institutions are worse. For example, in the 1930s Hitler at one time had Himmler apply pressure to the Catholic Church because the SS had uncovered a vast network of priests who molested choirboys—the implication is that this has gone on for a long time, perhaps centuries; and it is not just about financial and sexual corruption—the actual religious doctrines may have been twisted too (a Gospel removed here or there—suitably “fact-checked”). Religions are composed from believers, just as citizens are expected to believe their governments—yet governments routinely lie, and so do religions. However, why should we believe what you cannot show us?


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