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(88) Krasniy

It is often said, has been said for a long time, that wokeism is a religion—the observation is not new, people have said left-wing beliefs are religions since at least the 19th century. To an extent, it contains a materialist presupposition that a religion is in itself a bad thing—obscurantist, irrational, fanatical. However, it is definitely true that sociologically left-wing beliefs function in the same way as a religion—provide an ersatz religion for secular people. Since the religious urge is innate in man, the secular religion performs the same function. Wokeism definitely has a soteriology—it has saved and damned people, racism is a sin and slavery itself an “original sin”; it binds people together into a collective objective.

What makes left-wing beliefs different from actual religions is that they lack the transcendent. This is connected to their political prescriptions, their fanaticism, and their inflexibility. If there is no other world, then this world is the only world we have—if there is to be a Heaven, we must build it ourselves; if we are to see Heaven, it can only be in our lifetimes—so we better be ruthless and fanatical about it, we are men in a hurry. Marx himself lauded Prometheus: the spirit is do-it-yourself, nobody will save you but yourself—and you will only save yourself through matter. Ideas such as super-AI and full-automated luxury communism are the same—the idea is that we must “build God”, since there is no God; and the new God will reward us (in the nihilistic view, destroy us as it steps over us—a “reward” for the life-hater).

This makes wokeism—leftist views more generally—anti-religions; really, they invert the quintessence in religion, an assertion there is a beyond, and then use the instruments utilised by traditional religion to create a “heaven on earth” which is really a hell. So why not say “anti-religion”? We are so secular that “religion” only has negative connotations—an irrational fanatical “anti-reality” view.


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