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88. Keeping still (II)

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Lenin said that the main enemy of Bolsheviks was the lower middle class; the small property owners and prosperous peasants, the kulaks and petit bourgeoisie. This observation contains a perpetual truth: the left is always at war with the lower middle class. The blood aristocracy is easily destroyed, being warriors they rush into the machine guns; and the big property owners are too detached from their property to be personally affronted by expropriation. The multimillionaire may have inherited his wealth; and, even if he built up his empire from scratch, his relation to it will eventually become very abstract; it is no longer his kingdom to fight for, and he can be bought off. As for corporate bureaucrats and professionals, they will accept a salary from a socialist state as easily as from any other.

The small property owner is a problem because he remains attached to his enterprise. He built it up; he knows the men who work it; and he has strong sense of responsibility for it—he sees the outcomes of every decision he makes. The essence of the right is responsibility; the lower middle class, along with existential professions, such as soldiering, are more responsible than most: their actions have obvious consequences. In economic terms, the kulaks live close to the disciplining force of the market. The corporation may long ago have done a deal with the state—being too big to fail—and departed from the market, becoming a semi-socialist enterprise before the fact.

Every big businessman—from Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos—started as a small businessman. There is even a famous picture of Bezos, sometime in the mid-90s, sitting alone in his office with a computer. This was the entire of one man with his computer. Everyone starts somewhere; the lower middle class represent the vital roots where new innovation begins; and, sometimes, ends—in bankruptcy and suicide. Indeed, the word “kulak” means “fist” in Russian; we could say that the lower middle class are the tough realists of society, they pack a punch.

The left is an error in the priestly class that occurs when irresponsible priests-intellectuals compete with his each other for status on the basis of an egalitarian intellectual delusion. In Britain, right-wing intellectuals—from David Starkey to Roger Scruton—are often drawn from the brighter sections of the lower middle class. They arrive at the cosmopolitan university centre from the provinces with slightly out-of-date values; they are literal pagans, relative country bumpkins. The university centre, dominated by those born to the priesthood, often looks down on these new arrivals as unsophisticated. Thus, the Cambridge Spies, who came from the top levels of society, embraced sophisticated Soviet Marxism as their religion and betrayed their country; the people who tracked them, in MI5, were from the lower middle class.

The left is composed of upper-middle-class priest-intellectuals in alliance with the lowest sections of society—lumpenproles and outsider immigrants—aiming to overthrow the aristocrats, the lower middle class, and the major property owners. White-collar workers and the working class form a sort of inert middle than can be swayed either way by these elements. The reactionary counter-elite comes from the blood aristocracy, the lower middle class, and the less intelligent and therefore more blood-tribal lumpen elements. The monarchy is the macrocosm of a family business: it is even jokingly referred to as “the Firm”; the large company, with its diffused chains responsibility, is more similar to a state bureaucracy, whereas the small businessman is a monarch in his own domain.

This is the nature of political disputes, even today: the vital, family-based, and responsible enterprises against the sprawling, irresponsible, and delusional bureaucracies of the state, corporations, and the intellectual priesthood. Hence the left will always seek to destroy the aristocrat and the small businessman. These are the roots of society: the monarchy is the heart and the small businesses the guts and balls; the middle class are the backbone; and the priestly intellectuals the often deranged mind.


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