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(86) Zhyolity

The above is a magnified image of an entity I encountered at the Rollright Stones—from a distance these appear either as “floating lightbulbs” or orbs; probably they are sylphs or some such intermediate creature—the guardian of the field, its genius loci, is a witch; so perhaps this is a witchy form. Indeed, I swear I can see a naked woman with her legs open in it—the demon temptress herself, perhaps. If you record these entities and then watch the film back they become excited; and that is because to record and concentrate on the image is a magical act itself.

I doubt a place called “the Rollright Stones”—“roll right”—can really be bad, although I did notice the smell of sulphur, something I neglected to mention in my main article; well, that is usually connected with fairies and spiritual manifestations—yet that witch always had a bad reputation.

What interests about this image is that I had a dream just before the entities left which was backgrounded by yellow triangles similar to those found in this photo, if you zoom in. These provided a background to images of Christ, of Buddha, and of the Mendes Goat. I suspect, given the background similarities, it was this particular entity I was in dream communication with. At a certain point in the encounter, I felt tempted to ask the entities for something—yet I decided resolutely to do everything off my own bat, to ask for nothing. Remember, the area features knights turned to stone by the witch because they couldn’t keep the conditions attached to her supernatural aid. Best not to repeat the same mistake. Anyway, the conclusion that we can draw from this is that if these intermediate entities exist then so do archangels and all the other heavenly hosts you can imagine (and all the demons too). Of course, some fairies and giants and the like are neutral or just little tricksters—there’s a whole spiritual ecology out there.


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